Life After Living...

What happens when you die? Well when Evangeline finds out, her world is tipped upside down quite literally...
Terra, Para, Infernum. The three dimensions within time that coincide to create the sacred bond known as existence...


1. Para, Terra, Infernum

Life after Living!

There was no other way to put this, but I was falling upwards; defying gravity. Everything I had ever learnt in my science classes had gone out the window. As human beings we looked for evidence, reasons for something happening to feed that natural hunger for knowledge you have from being a child, that question of why? Well why was I falling upwards? Why as I had just died was I not in ‘heaven’ or ‘hell’ or anywhere?

All your life, (you didn't realize it until the end) everything around you had a history: that armchair in your living room had been your grandpa’s, he had bought it at one of the antique auctions he loved going to and sat in it right up until the day he died. Everything around you had a memory , not just people, but random objects. That pillow you sleep on every night had memories of the time you lay your first baby tooth beneath it. Where I was, nothing had memories but me, it was all new. Like having your eyes closed. You could look up and you could look down but all you would see was darkness. Well as I looked up and I looked down all I saw was one colour. Not a colour in the way a living person would see a colour: red, yellow, blue or green but it was a new colour.

“Your colour.”

I had been so engrossed in my thoughts, that I had realized I wasn't falling upwards any more. I was in my bedroom, but the difference was my bedroom wasn't the lavender I remembered painting it with my father one summers evening, it was that colour.

“Your colour!” This time I realized that voice wasn't in my head but belonged to the person beside me.

“Everything you see now that belongs, or shall I say; belonged to you will be in your colour, Evangeline!” I gasped silently at the boy in front of me. He had his blazer sleeves rolled up curling around his modestly tall, muscly frame. A strand of his dark wavy hair hung in front of his tantalizing green eyes, he had an olive tan and he might have been the most gorgeous boy I’d ever meet, the colour of his clothes were new to my eyes as everything else I was seeing. It was impossible to pinpoint his age; he was old and young at the same time. It felt like i knew him so I didn't bother with the usual introductory conversation of who he was. He looked celestial but he definitely didn't have the billowing robe and the halo, like in the movies.

“But that’s my name, Evangeline, I’m not a colour!” Suddenly I had found my voice again but it was different from before, it felt like every word I said held deep meaning and would never be repeated.

“Back on Terra, well the planet you know as Earth, there was such things as auras, a colour that surrounded you and people who could read auras would link them to an emotion, a meaning as humans tend to do, find an answer even if an answer is not necessary…” The boy said. I had never met someone who could read auras but in books I’d read it was mentioned. “Well when you pass on, it's seen as your life being completed and so your colour is like your biography, almost something to remember your life by, something that simply shows who you are to others, of course you can control who sees your colour but we’ll get to that later…anyway Evangeline is your colour, it’s you just as Raphael is mine!” So I had a colour. I was a colour.

“Thank you for this information but what I’d really like to know is where am I? Heaven? Hell?” I said. I may be this new aura reading angel but I was still curious Eva.

“Oh Eva, I have much to show you but it is best I begin at the beginning…” Raphael said and he began, “My name is Raphael Leone, your assigned tour guide, you are on Para there is no heaven and hell as such but there are three dimensions within time that coincide to create the sacred bond known as existence... Terra the world you know as Earth. It’s the world of the living, I like to think of it as level 1 of a video game, you learn the basics, make mistakes, and learn something new. Then when you die there is Para and Infernum perhaps similar to the ideas of heaven and hell. When you pass on, everyone is given the power to see auras and then you learn elemental magic and shape-shifting although not everyone uses this power wisely…name some of the mythical characters from Terra?” I was surprised at how quickly I had gotten used to calling Earth, Terra. It was Earth in Latin and Latin was the language of the dead after all.

“Umm, witches, vampires, fairies?” I replied not really sure where this was going.

“Well they are all mortuus, dead people from Para that have misused their powers…” Raphael sighed, “There are times here on Para when you miss your old life and to some, their colour is a curse because it’s a reminder of the life they have lost especially if they have died in a bad way and so they try to flee Para, many have failed and been sent to Infernum but those who have succeeded, well there powers become twisted, they tell humans of what lies ahead of them and it’s like trying to teach babies algebra, one part stays stuck in their head, and that is what mythical creatures all are not just vampires and zombies but fairies and mermaids too...that’s where the ideas of heaven and hell spiral from, twisted versions of what’s really here because how can you know what you don’t understand?” Raphael said. He looked around my room picking up family pictures and artwork from my life before, he seemed amused by it.

“So what happens in Infernum?” I said curious was it deep underground? Was there such a thing as the devil?

“As I said before there is no judgement day and the good and bad aren't separated at first but there are rules here in Para and breaking the worst of them is trying to go back to Terra, if you try to do this you are sent to Infernum where your colour is taken away and you are reborn, your mind is wiped and you start again …in a way you get what you wanted to go back to Terra but as a new born baby with no memories of your life before just deja vu moments every so often if your mind hasn't completely been wiped, but before that happens in Infernum you are given a trial and should you be lucky enough to have your colour spared, you are forever to live on Infernum until the Court deem you worthy to return to Para and make a fresh start…until then you are worked hard and brought back to square one, stripped of your magic…” Raphael looked at me intensely, I guessed he was checking to see how I handled it but I understood. It was more similar to Terra than he thought, don’t cause trouble and you won’t get any. A shiver ran down my spine as the realisation hit me that I could have been someone else in a past life.

“So what are the Courts?” I asked, Raphael laughed.

“Eva you seem to have an endless supply of questions but come, let me show you…” Suddenly a zip wire appeared, but as everything in Para did, it went upwards. It was weird seeing a zip wire dangling above my bedroom window but I grabbed hold anyway, it seemed there was no such thing as fear here on Para. After passing an endless amount of trees we came to a clearing.

“Eva I am sure you know that Latin is a dead language and as we’re dead it is the language in which we all speak, you’ll pick it up in a couple of hundred years ,but anyway to answer your question the courts are where the Deos and Deas live, gods and goddesses, these are the wisest of people in existence who have completed all the levels of the game so to speak, Terra, Para and are now at their final stage. Where they go afterwards no one knows but we all will in due course.”

We were in what seemed to be an airport, telephones rang and people sat waiting but right then was when I realised just how amazing auras were, they were all different colours, unique and original to that person. Like a rainbow of colours I never knew existed. Everyone seemed to be moving upwards. Then I realised, this must be Limbo.

“Raphael why is everything up, why is there no down?” I questioned. If there was no down how could you get back to where you came from.

“There is no down because down is going backwards, here in Para, the Deos and Deas say we’re ever moving forwards… and there is no need for down when you can fly!” Raphael said, I was overwhelmed by what I was seeing the amount of different colours and each individual, no two colours anything alike.

 We had now come to an area similar to passport control, all the people stood in a cue holding a glowing dandelion.

“All these people are ready to pass on and live with the Deos and Deas !” Raphael said. He marched right to the front of the cue and all the people turned to stare at me. I suppose I was like a young person in an old people’s home. I was just as surprised I had died at sixteen as they were .I hated not knowing how I died and I knew I was probably supposed to know, the minute the people of authority around here found out I would probably be kicked out of Para.


“Hello Raphael, how’s the tour going?” The lady smiled she looked very smart in her red pencil skirt and white freshly ironed blouse. She managed to do a hundred things at once, talking to us whilst talking to someone though her head set.

“Great actually, Eva’s a quick learner!” Raphael said smiling at me.

“Well I’m sure you’ll love the Courts!” the lady said to me and she scanned us through.

“The Greeks were closest to what Para’s really like because Mount Olympus is the portal from Terra to Para when we go down for assignments but that will be explained more later, for now these are the Courts!”

Forget any of the movies you’d seen or whatever idea you had of heaven we couldn't have been more wrong...

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