I Can't Believe You! (one direction fanfic)

" I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!" I scream, tears pouring down my face, reminding me of a waterfall. Waterfalls are supposed to be majestic amd beautiful. Nothing of my tears are majestic or beautiful.
"Listen to me Amy! I can fix this. Please?" he begs dropping to his knees in an attempt to bring me back to him. I stare at him in his helpless state. Why does he do this to me? His beautiful green eyes meet mine and I close my eyes trying to block him out. Only it doesn't work. I still see his broken figure on the ground pleading with me. It's the charm of Harrh Styles I guess...

hey guys read. I promise this will get better. Thanks

- Taylor xoxo


2. the real chapter 2

My mums dead... she can't be. I've got no one left now. NO ONE! my father died years ago. I'm suxteen and have no parents. I know this happens to other people but i never imagined it would happen to me, EVER!

I break down crying on the floor. Strong arms wrap around me and I know who it is.
"Get away from me Harry!" I screech. He backs off immediatley retreating to the doorway.
"Amy! Why?" he asks me
" Don't pull that crap with me, Harry!"
" Amy? What are you talking about?" he asks seeming thourolghy confused.
" You know what I'm talking about about. You cheated on me with that little popstar Taylor Swift!"
"No I Didn't!"
"I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!" I scream tears pouring down my face like a waterfall.waterfalls are supposed to be majestic and beautiful. Nothing about my tears are majestic and beautiful.
" Listen to me Amy! Let me explain! Please?" he asks dropping to his knees. I stare at him in shock. His green eyes meet mine, his filled with water. why does he do this to me? I close my eyesbtrying to block him out. It doesnt work. I can still see his broken figure on the ground, pleading with me to take him back. How does he do this? It's the charm of Harry Styles i guess...
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