I Can't Believe You! (one direction fanfic)

" I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!" I scream, tears pouring down my face, reminding me of a waterfall. Waterfalls are supposed to be majestic amd beautiful. Nothing of my tears are majestic or beautiful.
"Listen to me Amy! I can fix this. Please?" he begs dropping to his knees in an attempt to bring me back to him. I stare at him in his helpless state. Why does he do this to me? His beautiful green eyes meet mine and I close my eyes trying to block him out. Only it doesn't work. I still see his broken figure on the ground pleading with me. It's the charm of Harrh Styles I guess...

hey guys read. I promise this will get better. Thanks

- Taylor xoxo


5. chapter 5

Back a minute.............
" I love you Amy" Harry says

okay someone please tell me this is real? please? Someone slap me, pinch me, kick me if you want. Just bring me out of this messed up dream.

" I love you too, Harry" i blurt out. Oh god!!!! What did I just say? A slow smirks appears across Harry's face and he lets his lips brush against mine. He pulls back smiling and clibs off my waist. I sit up and walk slowly to the bathroom. I glance at myseld in the mirror and am horrified to see myself. My mascara smeared and running down my face, my lipstick rubbing off in spots, how can Harry possibly love this horrific creature I see in the mirror? I run the sink and grab a cloth to wipe my face. Harry appears at the door and walks to me smiling slightly.
" Let me, please?" He whispers as he takes the cloth from my hand and gently begins to dab at my face wiping away the make-up.

" There, you look beautiful with ought your make-up. I know that sounds really and I mean really cheesy but its true." he mumbles giving me a grin. God I love this boy. His stupid cheesy lines, his adorable dimples that just about any girl go crazy, his beautiful chocolate brown curls that I could touch and run my fingers through all day.

Maybe its just me wondering this, but why would someone as perfect as Harry be with someone so imperfect like me? You know, I dont have an actual answer. I wish I had one but I've never been able to understand why he chose me. Now when I saw him with Taylor Swift it made sense. Of course, he didnt need or want me anymore. He wanted someone beautiful with talent. Not some boring girl he met when he was seven.

Oh I've never mentioned how Harry and I met did I? Its a rather long story and parts a boring. But theres one secret that really ties Harry and I together. Take a guess.

a/N hey guys actually want to guess. leave your guess in the comments. an idea i like might just be the secret bond. you get to decide and I'll choose one. Good luck! :-)
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