I Can't Believe You! (one direction fanfic)

" I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!" I scream, tears pouring down my face, reminding me of a waterfall. Waterfalls are supposed to be majestic amd beautiful. Nothing of my tears are majestic or beautiful.
"Listen to me Amy! I can fix this. Please?" he begs dropping to his knees in an attempt to bring me back to him. I stare at him in his helpless state. Why does he do this to me? His beautiful green eyes meet mine and I close my eyes trying to block him out. Only it doesn't work. I still see his broken figure on the ground pleading with me. It's the charm of Harrh Styles I guess...

hey guys read. I promise this will get better. Thanks

- Taylor xoxo


30. chapter 24

Liam leaves with Zayn and Louis stands slowly pulling Harry up with him. I glancevat Harry and see his cut, it looks worse from this angle, a lot worse. I hestitantly step forward and raise tge cloth to his cut once again. Louis practicaly has him in a chokehold so he can't escape while I try to clean up his cut. I gently dab at the bkeeding cut and he growls through his teeth. Maybe talking will help? ' sshhh Harry' I murmur. He slowly seems to relax a bit, his shoulders slumping. I begin to dab again at the wound and he lets out a shaky, hissing bresth. ' Harry... it's alright' I mutter, stroking his arm with my other hand. I leave him again and run and get a bandage and some gauze. I return and quietly patch him up. When I'm done I lower my hands and Louis releases him from his grasp. I set all the bandages and cloths down on the little table and I turn back to Harry and Louis. I glance at Lou who gives me a nod and wanders down the hall towards the living room. But I haveva feeling hes watching us, making sure Harry doesnt freak at me. Harry turns to face me and gently places his hands on my cheeks. I resist the urge to lean into hisbpalm. Harry looks directly into my eyes now. ' Baby.... I'm sorry' he murmurs to me. Does he really think he can make up for this? What the hell is he thinking? He begins to lean in slowly, so I can feel his warm, panting breath on my lips. He closes the gap between us a bit quicker than expected and he lets his warm, moist lips land on my own. I fight my urge to kiss him back but end up giving in. Why does he have to be so dam irriestistable?! ( excuse my language there for those of you who dont like that) Our lips blend together slowly, building up to a more powerful and passionit kiss. He slowly pulls back, resting his forehead on my own. I can feel his breath washing out to brush my chin and haw softly. He carefully wraps his arms around my waist while pulling me in for another kiss. I brush my lips against his but pull away. ' Harry, Louis' in the other room. Stop' ( warning I may swear some more in this chapter. Sorry) ' I dont give a damn about Louis' he growls, roughly grasping mybchin and pulling my mouth towards his. Louis steps out from the living room door behind Harry and clamps down on his shoulders, steering him away from me. ' Thank you' I mouth to Lou, who nods stifly while pulling Harry outside into the brisk air. Damn! What the hell is wrong with these boys?!
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