I Can't Believe You! (one direction fanfic)

" I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!" I scream, tears pouring down my face, reminding me of a waterfall. Waterfalls are supposed to be majestic amd beautiful. Nothing of my tears are majestic or beautiful.
"Listen to me Amy! I can fix this. Please?" he begs dropping to his knees in an attempt to bring me back to him. I stare at him in his helpless state. Why does he do this to me? His beautiful green eyes meet mine and I close my eyes trying to block him out. Only it doesn't work. I still see his broken figure on the ground pleading with me. It's the charm of Harrh Styles I guess...

hey guys read. I promise this will get better. Thanks

- Taylor xoxo


25. chapter 20

Quick A/N thank you for 286 views, i'm very very happy. I never imagined this many people would red my book. I try hard to get a chapter up every day and a few on the weekends. Sometimes I can't because I have a life outside of movellas, but anyway I will try and get another chapter up after this today so thank you and please keep comenting. I want to know what you think of this story. I've just gotten a comment saying 'love this' and it really touched my heart to read that. So whoever posted that thank you for making my day. I have gotten other coments too that make me happy so I love you all. Now onto the story.....

After Louis leaves to meet Emma Niall and Harry saunter into the kitchen in search of something ro eat. I can hear them shuffling around searching. Until webhear Niall shout
" Liam! You've got no food!" Niall screams whining. Liam sighs, looks at me and shakes his head
" of course I don't! You ate it all and I haven't had time to go get groceries!" Liam shouts annoyed. I hear Niall sigh and grumble about something. Liam stamds and walks to the kitchen, leaving me, alone, with Zayn.

" Amy, listen... I'm sorry about the other night, at the club. i didn't know you were with Harry" Zayn says sighing and placing hishead in his hands. I stand and kneel in front of him, lifting his face with my hand.

" Zayn, don't worry about it. It was more my fault than anybodys, allthoughwe can give some blameto Harry since he didnt tell you we were dating before, but its more my fault. I was trying to get back at harry. He'd gone on a date with Taylor Swift then he pissed me off that morning. I was drunk and didnt know what I was doing" I admit smiling at my own stupid mistakes. Zayn smiles and I lean in amd kiss his cheek softly before returning to the recliner chair. Suddenly I hear Niall shouting

" PIZZA! PIZZA!" Zayn chuckles and turns to me
" one thing you should know about Niall. He loves his food" Zayn warns. I laugh and walk to Zayn grabbing his arm and we walk to the kitchen. Harry glares at Zayn when ge sees I have hold of his hand.
" calm down, curly! I was just dragging him in here!" I tell Harry who relaxes from his tense position. Liam laughs and walks to the door which had just rung. He returns with boxes of pizza and sets them on the table. Before Liam can even pull out plates, Niall is already eating. I chuckle and help Liam by getting the drinks from the fridge. I settle with a come, as well as Liam as the othed three boys take a beer.

I'm only allowing Harry one drink since he has to drive home. I'll make sure he's sober first though. I am now sitting at Liams counter laughing amd eating with the boys. Harry pritested when he had downed his drink and wanted more but I made hi have water.
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