This is about Stephanie. She is going to a 1D concert on her B-day, and from that day averything change. By the way this is my first story.


2. Date with Niall

Niall's POV:

Harry and Louis were with me in my flat. And two hours till my date

Me: What an sweet girl, isn't she???

Liam: Yes she is.

Louis: Yes indeed, Niall be afraid for me maybe I will eat her.

Me: No you better don't

Harry: Man he is joking. Why are you soo stressed.

Me: I have a date with her today. But she didn't text me yet.

Louis: I think she isn't coming.

Harry: Louis don't say that he is all ready nervous.

I went to the kitchen to get a bag of crisps and than went back. I was about to go and sit on the couch but than somebody called me and I didn't know where my phone was.

Me: Ugh where is my phone?

Harry: I think in the kitchen since you live there.

Me: Okay, Where is Louis

Harry: I don't know. He's gone since someone called you.

Me: The call wasn't very long, was it.

Then we heard Louis screaming my name from my room.


Me: I should have known that.

Harry: Yes and you should go

Me: Yes I better go now, before he says to much.

                                                                              AFTER THE CALL AND TWO HOURS

Me: Harry, Louis I'm going to Nando's for my date.

Harry: Kay man.

Louis: Say hi to her from me

Me: Fine Bye

                                                                            AFTER THE CARRIDE

I said hey to her and patted the place beside me. And she came.

Stephanie: Hey Niall. Why are you wearing sunglasses and a hoodie?

Me: Because if I didn't we didn't have a good date.

Stephanie: Okay if you say it.


Stephanie's POV

Niall was there. He was so hot but I wasn't nervous. It made me feel happy. I was wearing a purple jeans and a white shirt and my normal white flats and my hair in a messy bun.

Me: Sorry that I don't look as beautiful as models.

Niall: What are you talking about. Your beautiful and much lovelier than models.

Me: Do you mean that?

Niall: Yes of course. Why shouldn't I??

Me: Because your handsome and I'm stupid.

Niall. Go look in the mirror. Did it break??

Me: No why

Niall: That's because your beautiful. So do you wanna go to my flat

Me: Yes, I would love to

Niall: Well let's go then.


Niall's POV:

Me: Come in beautiful.

Stephanie: Wow it's soo..

Me: Small??

Stephanie: No it's big and pretty.

Me: Not as pretty as you are.

Stephanie: Your such a silly.

Me: Wanna see a movie??

Stephanie: Yes please

Me: All right, The women in black it is than.

Stephanie: Okay

Me: Come here and sit down


(In the end of the movie) Stephanie's POV:

Me: Niall..

Niall: Yeah what is it love??

Me: I'm scared

Niall: You don't have to be.

Me: Niall could I please stay here and sleep in your bed with you.

Niall: Yes of course. And by the way I love you

Me: I love you too.

Niall: Let's go to my bedroom than.

Me: Yeah.

We got to his bedroom and heard some voices. I was scared even more.

Me: Niall who are there??

Niall: I have no idea. I'll go first just stay here.

Me: Okay.

Niall Got in his room and came back with Harry and Louis with him.

Niall: Harry, Louis go home.

Harry: Hello love.

Louis: Harry let;s go befor Niall gets angry.

Me: Bye Harry. Bye Louis. NIall I go to your bed now.

Niall: I'll be there soon.


Niall's POV

Harry: Whao. What are you going to do?

Louis: I think he is going to sleep, but I don't know for sure.

Me: Yes I'm going to sleep. but not with her in that way.

Harry: Do you think we believe that??

Me: Yeah kinda. Bye now.

They went home and I went to bed.

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