Deaths Temptation

This romance story, is about a boy who all the "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" fans are familiar with, Nico Di Angelo, Son of Hades. And it's also about a young Demi God, Haley Ramoni. Haley, is a typical girl who is currently finishing up her senior year in high school. Or so she thinks... She soon finds out something very unique about her self... And that would be the fact that she's the daughter of a Goddess. And at a strange camp, she is "claimed". Of course, the son of Hades is around as this happens, and he can't help but to be attracted to this young lady. As he try's to become friends with her and possibly more he also learns that she's in danger. As in some assassin is trying to kill her, and of course Nico jumps in to save the day, putting them both in deadly danger... And to add on to it he has feelings for her, and she most definitley has feeling for this boy, Nico.


3. Loves curse..

"Hello. My name is Chiron." The centaur announced. I quickly slipped out of Nicos arms awkwardly. "Um, Hello. My Erm, my name is Haley. Ramirez" I said nervously not able to take my eyes off the man.. "Oh yes! I am a centaur." He said with a chuckle. "Yeah. I noticed.." I said smiling as sweetly as possible. "Wait, I'm sorry young lady, your necklace.." He said gesturing towards the necklace hanging on my neck line. I looked, it's the necklace I had since.. I was a young, young, girl. It was a simple silver heart, with what looked like black vines spreading around it. "Oh, um this is my necklace.." I said looking back at him. Nico looked at the necklace and his eyes widened. But he quickly looked back at Chiron. "Where do you get that?" Chiron demanded. "I've had it since I was a very young girl.." I said trying not to sound so frightened. "Oh no. Girl, we need to get you to Annabeth.. And the rest if the head cabin directors. Immeadiently. "Nico, take her now!" He said. Nico seemed to know what might be happening. He quickly took my hand and quickly began to walk me down the steps. "Hey! What's he talking about?" I asked frightened. "You'll see. Just don't be afraid, okay?" He said sounding concerned. I nodded. And we began to walk quickly. He lead me into a room where a few chairs were lines up around a pool table. You can sit here, he said gesturing towards a black lacy chair besides a black on covered int skulls. I sat down. We at in silence and I noticed he hadn't let go of my hand since we left the upstairs. He rough thumb was rubbing the top of my hand in a comforting way. And then a group of teenagers about our age shoved through the door. A girl with tan skin, and light brown choppy long hair, and a few feathers and beads sat down. "Hello, my name is Piper. Daughter of Aphrodite." She said with a sweet smile, before I could introduce myself a tan boy with curly black hair greeted me,"and I'm Leo. Son of Hepheastus." He said with a smile, then a tall boy with sky blue eyes and blonde hair introduced himself, "Jason Grace. Son of ZUES." He said proudly and seriously. A tall boy with black messy hair, and green eyes also greeted me, "I'm Percy. Son of Poseidon." He said. Then a girl with red hair and freckles came up. "Clarrisse. And Ares." She said with a kid as she sat down. A few more kids came in and sat down. And then Chiron. He sat down solemnly, as if waiting. We were all very silent. Then a tall girl with blonde hair and grey eyes walked in. "I'm Annabeth, daughter of Athena." She said as she sat down. Her and Chiron whispered secretly. She nodded her head as if disapproving. And then Chiron gestured at me, and Annabeth looked atmy neck line where the neck lace lay. And her eyes widened. "My GODS! Sweetie.. You've got.. Loves Curse.."
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