Deaths Temptation

This romance story, is about a boy who all the "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" fans are familiar with, Nico Di Angelo, Son of Hades. And it's also about a young Demi God, Haley Ramoni. Haley, is a typical girl who is currently finishing up her senior year in high school. Or so she thinks... She soon finds out something very unique about her self... And that would be the fact that she's the daughter of a Goddess. And at a strange camp, she is "claimed". Of course, the son of Hades is around as this happens, and he can't help but to be attracted to this young lady. As he try's to become friends with her and possibly more he also learns that she's in danger. As in some assassin is trying to kill her, and of course Nico jumps in to save the day, putting them both in deadly danger... And to add on to it he has feelings for her, and she most definitley has feeling for this boy, Nico.


2. Daughter of a what now?!

I wake up to the sound of birds chirping, and the sunlight bursting through the window near by, and some where the sound of.. Swords? Clashing against each other as if a battle were going on. "Hey." The boy said as he melted out from the shadows. Literally. He just appeared out of the dark corner where the sunlight had not reached yet. "Where am I?" I asked in a dry and raspy voice. "Here, drink this." Nico said as he walk towards me and handed me a glass of what looked like water. I shakily take it and take a sip. It was most definitley not water. The sweet tangy taste danced across my tongue and trickled down my throat, giving my body a warm and soothing sensation. "Mmmm.." I said with satisfaction. "Good huh? It'll help that sore throat." Nico said with a laugh. I smiled and tried to sit up, when a sharp and intense pain shot through my arm. "Ow!" I winced in pain. "Here eat this ambrosia. It'll help with your soreness and broken hand you got there." He said as he gave me a little square of what looked like a doughy pastry. "But only take a small bite.. Too much and you'll burn into ash and die." He said casually as if he had herd this plenty of times. "Okay.." I said as I cautiously took the little pastry ambrosia square and carefully took a small bite. The taste was incredible, it was warm and choclatey. The whole taste spread through my body and created a soft, and comfy feeling. "That tastes like a brownie.." I said. "Yeah
I guess that's kind of how it works. It's a God food. So was the nectar." He said with a shrug a smirk. "A what?" I asked wondering if I had heard him correctly. "A God food." He said with a laugh. "Where am I?!" I asked demandingly. "Camp." He said with a smile. "What camp!?" I asked beginning to become afraid. "Camp Half Blood." He said. "Half blood?" I asked confused. "Half blood is a half human and half God. Some people say Demi god. And you're one." He said. I swung my legs off the side of the bed and tried to get up when a intense pain shot through my leg, and my knees buckled, I began to fall when Nico quickly grabbed aroud my waist and caught me. We were close to each other and I could feel his chest bet against mine. I found myself looking deep into his dark eyes. So full of loss, sadness, and despair. Our faces were extremely close and I fount myself with the urge to kiss this boy. "Judging my the looks of you I'm guessing your the daughter of the Goddess, A-" he began to say win suddenly a voice cleared their throat. "Hello. My name is Chiron. And Nico, shut up." He said with a smile. I turned to see a man half horse and half man. "Uhhh, duh- the daughter if a what now?" I asked. Too much to take in in one day..
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