Deaths Temptation

This romance story, is about a boy who all the "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" fans are familiar with, Nico Di Angelo, Son of Hades. And it's also about a young Demi God, Haley Ramoni. Haley, is a typical girl who is currently finishing up her senior year in high school. Or so she thinks... She soon finds out something very unique about her self... And that would be the fact that she's the daughter of a Goddess. And at a strange camp, she is "claimed". Of course, the son of Hades is around as this happens, and he can't help but to be attracted to this young lady. As he try's to become friends with her and possibly more he also learns that she's in danger. As in some assassin is trying to kill her, and of course Nico jumps in to save the day, putting them both in deadly danger... And to add on to it he has feelings for her, and she most definitley has feeling for this boy, Nico.


1. A shadow boy saves me from an Ogre?

Haley, well... She's never had a so called, "normal" life. Whatever that was supposed to be... But she didn't consider and "ogre" to be normal. Not at all.

The thing was gross... It stood about 15feet tall, and it was olive green covered in warts, hairy brown spots, and bloody gashes from my "weapon". Also known as a piece of jagged metal that was lying around in the ally. It's teeth we're yellow and very pointy. And it's hair was plum purple, and covered in some sort of moss as it covered the ogres evil red eyes. "Yummy, yummy, in my empty tummy!!" The monster yell in a deep voice, as it gestured toward its belly that in my opinion didn't look very empty at all... In fact it was rather hairy and large. It swung its large hand at me, trying to grab me, as I quickly dodged it, and stumbled behind a garbage bin. "Aww! Don't hide! Young Demi Gods like you, so pretty and sweet also taste good!" He bellowed as he stumbled towards me, I yelped and quickly got back to my feet running towards the back of the ally where I'd most likely be eaten... There had to be a way out of this... Maybe if I got their quick enough I could climb that ladder and... Be chased by the creepy ogre. Hey, better than being eaten by it. I began running even faster, but this thing had speed, it quickly caught up to me an grabbed my ankle, jerking me down and sagging me back as it began to bellow in laughter. It grabbed me by the neck and whipped me around to face it's nasty ogre face. "Yummy, if I do say so my self!" He said as he began to squeeze my throat.. I began to lose concentration as the monster squeeze tighter. I clawed at his hand but he wouldn't release. "Sto-p now-w!" I managed to yell. And to my surprise the monster began to loosen his grip. "I will stop now." He murmered under his hot smelly breath, as if in. A trance of some sort. Bu then he began to choke again. "SILLY DAUGHTER OF TH-" he began to scream when blood gushed out of his forehead along with a sword, half silver half black. The monster fell and so did I. A boy about my age, with dark hair, pale skin, and dark eyes walked towards me. He reached his hand down and gestured for me to get up. I took his hand and he pulled me up. "You okay?" He asked in a luscious voice. "Yeah, I am uh, fine.." I said as I staggered a bit. He quickly grabbed my arm, pulling me back up. "Are you sure?" He asked with concern. I nodded yes, but. Wasn't at all. What had just happened? "Who-o are you?.." I asked as my knees buckled and I fell into his arms. My vision began to turn blurry. And the bit who appeared out of the shadows, held me tight and scooped me up. "Nico Di Angelo. Now lets get you to camp." He said as I blacked out.
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