I remember

This is the one thing that I won't ever care if somebody thinks it's good or not, because it's the most true thing for me and that's all I see.


1. I remember

I remember I asked you to dance

on the last high school prom

I looked at you and you smiled

you looked at her and asked if she minds


it was everything I hoped it'd be

like a heaven on earth

in burning hell

you said we could go travel

throughout time and space

and dance in the sky

in a blue box which you call home

above all the worries of being rejected

I would accept I may say

If I hadn't known what will happen next


You broke my heart into tiny pieces

like glass crashes into the floor

I don't know if you even realize

what you've put me through

you don't deserve to be that happy

but in my eyes you'll always remain

perfect like a midnight sky

in a starry night


I remember I was once happy

but then you broke me like fragile vase

I know what it's like

no need to worry I'll be alright

someday when someone will sing me

our song I will just laugh and not ache at all

I'll probably say It's been good times

and think I'd like to see you and what you've become

and maybe I will and you'll disappoint me again and again

and I'll scratch the old, not healed yet wounds

'cause I won't forget, I'll remember

as clearly as right now I do

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