Dirty JB story

A story about a 17 years old teenager girl who go to a party and meet justin bieber for a dirty night. What will happend after this hot night? Why is Justin like that? Read and comment for more<3


1. The party... Hot night

-Hey Amber, you have to wake up, we have to get ready for tonight! Kelsey said.
-Mmmh please let me sleep! I said, taking my blanket over my face.
-But c’mon we have to find our clothes and let me remember you its one of the most famous party! C’mooon get up!!!!
Ommg shit i totally forgot about this party! I jumped of my bed and went downstairs to have my breakfast. We both were so excited because it was a big event; we knew that there will be hot guys and we were singles. All the day, we passed hours and hours finding the perfect dress for the night. I bought a sparkely blue dress, very short and sexy and Kelsey, a pinky short dress too. We both curled our hair, and did our makeup and i have to say that we looked stunning. we rent a limousine to go to this pary and we left the house at  9pm. Kelsey is my bestfriend since the 8th grade and we’re both 17 years old. Her dad is a producer and he got us 2 tickets for this private party.
After half an hour, i couldnt find Kelsey. She always has been a hard party girl and i think she was might with some guys  in a room. Anyways, I wasnt that worried. I went to the bar and got a glass of vodka. And an other one, and other... Since i felt a hand in my shoulder. I turned my head and i saw a really hot guy. He had brown eyes and a sexy smile. First of all i didnt reconized him, maybe because  was drunk. Wait, is that Justin Bieber? What the heck? After a long moment of eyes to eyes, he asked me if i wanted to go in somewhere where we’ could be alone. I nodded and he grabbed my hand. I followed him in a huge room and he locked the door. He went behind me, grabbed my waist and started kissing my neck. Am i alone, in a room, with Justin Bieber? Anyways, i was too drunk to think about it in that special moment
I woke up with a horrible headache. Wait, is that a chest behind me? i look under the blanket, why am i in underwear? I I got up and went to the bathroom. I looked at my neck though the mirror. Omg whats that??? A hickey?! Omg where am i ? What time is it? Where is my phone? Where is Kelsey?
-Babe? someone said.
What the heck?! I went to the room, Justin Bieber is in the bed.
When i saw him, I suddenlty remember what happened that night.. After he locked the door, he went behind me, grabbed my waist and started kissing my neck. I turned around to see his beautiful face. He was looking at me. I walked to the bed and i saw that he was checking me out. He pulled me on the bed and went on the top of me. He started kissing me and i kissed him back. Then he licked my neck and i played with my finger in his brown hair. He took my dress off and i lift his shirt and tee-shirt. I was moaning and he could feel that i was shaking.
«-Stop shaking babe» He said, kissing me softy.
I was still moaning and he grabbed my ass. I was on the top of him and he gave me a hickey on my neck. I felt so good.

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