Dirty JB story

A story about a 17 years old teenager girl who go to a party and meet justin bieber for a dirty night. What will happend after this hot night? Why is Justin like that? Read and comment for more<3


5. The hospital and.... the baby?

Hi guys! Here is an other chapter!!!! yay!!! I said that i will try to update often and thats what im doing! All the likes and favourites and comments and views are awesome! thanks you so luch ! But i repeat : no comment/likes = no story. Love you guys, enjoy!


It has been 2 days since im at the hospital and Justin never left me and sleep with me until we have the news about the baby. During theses days, we've talk a lot and i love him more everyday. Really. Justin has told his mother and his family about me and they're ok. What about my parents? I didnt tell them... I'm waiting to know if the baby is ok..

-"Justin, i'm so scared.. I swear, i think i won't survive if he die.." I said crying a bi, looking at Justin

-"No, don't say that baby; we will get though this together, i won't leave you." he said then he kissed me.

It was 3 hours that we were waiting in my room when the doctor came in :

-"Hello Mr Bieber and Mrs Nash, we have finally the result of the exam... about the baby"

-"So?" I said squeezing Justin's hand.

"So... We aren't sure that there wont be complications but... The baby's fine."


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