Dirty JB story

A story about a 17 years old teenager girl who go to a party and meet justin bieber for a dirty night. What will happend after this hot night? Why is Justin like that? Read and comment for more<3


4. Coma

Hey guys!!!!! Thanks you soooo much for all the comments, likes and favourites that's crazy! I couldnt upload before because i had a lot of homeworks but now ill upload as soon as possible!!! :) I repeat : I WONT WRITE if i dont have comments or all that stuff. Kisses buddies and enjoyyy :D


Amber's POV :

What am i doing here? It's all black, how can leave this place? I can't remember anything... When i heard someone walk and sit :

Stranger : Amber, i'm sorry...

the voice stopped. Omg i can remember this voice... Justin?

Justin : it's all my fault, this accident, everything...

Gosh, the accident! How can i forget? Is the babys fine? Am i dead?!!

Justin : Since you told me that you were pregnant, ive realized a lot of things... I'm so sorry Amber, i should have say yes, but at first i freaked out... But now i know i want this baby with you. You're the most beautiful girl in this world. I sinceresly couldnt stop thinking about you about that night when i met you.. I tried to contact you but you wouldnt awnser. My agent Scotter didnt want me to get disturb so i had to let go.. I'm so stupid, i love you, please know it and please, you have to get up, c'mon, we'll get though this together, i promise i wont leave you again.

Then he kissed me. I could hear his emotions and i could also say that he was crying. I tried to scream his name, i cried, i tried to tell him that i love him back but nothing would get out.. I heard his steps getting away from me. No, Justin!


Justin's POV :

I was going to get out of her room, i was so sad. She has to wake up! i have to tell her that i love her and i have tp kiss her.. But i cant loose her and the baby, if she doesnt wake up, the baby will die too..

When i heard my name behind me :

Amber: Justin.............

I ran toward her, in tears and i wrapped my arms around her, pulling her in a huge hug.

Amber: Justin, you're hurting me..

Justin: Aw sorry, im just so happy

I backed off from her, and i kissed her passionatly. She didnt pulled away, And when the kissed was over, she kissed me back and said :

Amber : i love you too Justin.


I know its a bit short but its full of emotions isnt it? Are you guys happy? But is the baby fine? Drama and love are up! I will write an other chapter now. COMMENT FOR MORE!

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