Dirty JB story

A story about a 17 years old teenager girl who go to a party and meet justin bieber for a dirty night. What will happend after this hot night? Why is Justin like that? Read and comment for more<3


2. A big mistake...



-Wait, why am i here? I have a terrible headache
-We had a wonderful night, just after the party, come back to bed!
Omg he was so cute and sooo hot. I went back to bed and he kissed me. I rest on his chest and he was playing with my hair. There was a silence and suddenly i remember that Kelsey was missed!
-Holy crap!
I jumped out of the bed and pput my clothes on. Justin was looking at me with a confused look. 
-Look  i got to go, here is my number. 
I grabbed my bag and closed the door behind me. I had to find Kelsey. Huh she always has to leave me alone at every party! Hopefully i find her on a couch at 1rst floor.
-Oh God Kelsey, if your parents see you like this, theyre gonna kill you, im taking you to my house!
We left the club very quickly and got on a cab because we werent able to drive. I grabbed my keys and unlocked the door, my parents was on a trip. Kelsey went immedialty to the couch and i made my way upstairs, in my room. We both felt asleep..

**********************2 months later********************************
This month has horrible. I got sick all the time. I just wanted to always throw up and contain myself to not eat tons of food. Oh yeah and Justin never called me back, just few texts but i didnt awnser because i though what i did was a mistake. So i got my life back but the fact was too clear, one day i went to the pharmacy and i made a test. 
-Holy fuck kelsey!
-Whaattt?? So?? Are you?
-My parents are gonna kill me!
I didnt had sex unprotected exept with Justin. I had to tell him. Wait, how? He is just a superstar who dont care about girls like me! Im sure he wont even care! 
-Go ahead call himmm! said Kelsey
-Mmh kay.. 

Justin : mmh hey?
Me : hi im Amber, remember me?
Justin : wait... Oh yeah i think soo
Huh he is such a perv!
Justin : soo?
Me : well it can be a bit awkward but i just found i was pregnat...
Justin : of me??
Me : yeah... So..?
Justin : i dont know! Look, i finish my tour in 2 weeks, ill may call u to fix that ok?
Me : know what? I was so sure about that. Youre what i was expected, you dont even care! 
Justin : wait...
I hung up before he could finish... Huhh what am i gonna do? My parents are in an other country for their works and i cant let them worried about me... I still have a month to think about this.. He is such a douchebag!
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