one 15 year old with one dream that requires sacrifices


2. July

July.. that only leaves me with around 3 months left..


Mom just told me this morning that the school has accepted me and has recommended me to start in July... and it's not July next year.. it's July THIS year..

The minute she told me, I swear to God my heart sunk.


Now I'm taking pictures of things I'm going to sell off, some junk I never use and just things I won't bring to Australia. I mean it's better than throwing them away so why not? I'm still pretty shocked though that we're moving so fast but I guess..

I don't know. I don't know a lot of things right now like do I want to move? Do I really want to go to Australia? Am I making the wrong decision? and also


Shouldn't I be in bed right now?? It's 1am.. why am I staying up so late to think on this?

My teacher is going to kill me tomorrow morning. I should go.


Still... July...

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