Pass in the blink of an eye..


2. chapter one


don't ask me, if i'm ok,

i don't have the anwser,

don't ask me, if i'm alright,

i don't have the anwser

  It seemed to be a normal Monday. Without hurry, or surprises. Normally mondayish Monday. But no, of course, it had to be different. It was October. A cold wind stung my face with its invisible fingers. I wrapped myself in my thick, greenish-brown chimney walking along Parliment Street. Damn, why all this had to be so cluttered?! It wasn't the season, so the tourist shouldn't be here either. But you could always find them somewhere on the sidewalk of the pavement in colorful jackets with cameras in their hands. Without stopping, they were snapping pictures of anything, and anyone.

With accents they asked the local Londoners in english, which way they had to go. If they haven't reached the agreement they just ordered taxis. As if they weren't able to come up a little around the city. Fall into some stores. Go to the pub for a drink .. No, you have to bet on your comfort. I was returning from London Clinic. From visiting Chantal.. How much I would like to talk with her. But surely I couldn't. I felt a burning tear in my eyelid. I bit my lower lip hard. Get a grip, the hell are you crying? - I scolded myself in mind. I shook my head, throwing the previous thoughts of the head. I lifted my head looking for the sign of Two Red Lions. Then above the heads of passers I saw hanging flowers in large pots. As for me - the hallmarks of the pub. With a slight smile on my lips I went toward the black facade of the pub.  I looked quickly through the window. The pub was almost full. All the tables were occupied by tourists. Some of them also sat at the bar. I looked behind the counter. When I saw who was there my smile widened. I went a few steps to the left and then pushed the door with strenght. The wind from outside flew into the warm pub. All eyes fell on me. But I didn't pay attention to them. I removined the chimney from my neck, as I came up to the counter. I loved this place. These dark walls and furniture. The thick material surrounding the seats, already steeped in the smell of alcohol. The billowing smoke cigarettes under the tinted lights ..  

"One daniel's, please." I said hanging my black winter coat on a hanger. The woman behind the counter just shook her head. Her curly, black hair tied in a bun waved slightly with while she was moving. I sat down and smiled, waiting for the reaction when the bartender will see me. I settled myself comfortably on the stool.  

"Here your  daniel's, please." she said in a bored voice. She set the glass in front of me and looked me in the eyes. After a moment, her face lit up with a smile. She laughed out loud with her rough voice.

"Rose! Oh shit, how long I haven't seen you! " she yelled. I laughed.  

"Ages Lu. Ages!" I replied with a smile.  The girl leaned over the counter, as I gently lifted off the stool. We hugged ourself warmly, despite the disturbing facade of the counter. A few strands of her hair dropped on my face. They were steeped in the smell of cigarettes. I smiled to myself. After a while we stopped hugging. I sat back on the stool.  

"Okay, talk. How are you?" she said with a wide smile. "How was Chantal?" After the last question, my smile faded. I looked at a glass of liquor. I lifted it to my lips and sipped a bit of the whiskey.  

"Uhm, Chantal is all right." I said putting the glass on the counter again."And me, moreover, too. The usual."

"The usual? Really? Rose Cromwell still does party hard in every day of the week?" she said still smiling.  

"And beyond the week." I replied with a smile. Lu smiled. She remembered it.  

"And beyond the week, haha! That how i know you, Rose!" she laughed.  

I smiled back. I loved Lu. Every inch of her body, even though it was only one meter fifty-three. Each hearty smile with her slightly crooked teeth. Every look of her grey eyes. Again I took a sip of the whiskey. The liquor lightly ran through my throat, leaving behind a bitter aftertaste, which I loved so much.

"And you? What were you doing the whole time?" I asked with a smile from behind the glass. I saw my breath steaming marks on the glass. Lu smiled broadly.

"So, do you remember Jake?" She smiled and I nodded. I knew that it will be a 'something new' from the series 'stories of bartender Lu'. Again,  I took a sip at a time when Lu began her story. It wasn't so bad at all. From time to time some of the customers interrupted, asking for refill for some alcohol. Then Lu interrupted for a short moment talking and looked at them angrily. If this didn't work she went on her story, filling glasses with one of the brown liquors. From time to time rolling I rolled my eyes, or added some comments, when I met her significant look. After a while, she stopped to speak. I glanced at her from over my almost empty glass. She stared at some point behind me. I turned discreetly.

"Do not look up!" she scolded me before I could move. I looked at her questioningly putting a glass on the counter. She smiled just a little.

" You like curls?" she asked. I looked at her significantly. Curls?

"Not really." I said.

"You'll begin to. This Curly-head there is already preparing to talk to you." she said chinny pointing to someone behind me. After a while I heard the sound of a moving chair. She smiled at me significantly.

"Haven't I told you?" she winked at me, then turned and began rinsing and wipe some of the already used glasses. I didn't  know what to do. I stared into my cup. With the corner of my eye I saw how someone sits at my left. I picked up the glass to my lips and took my last gulp of whiskey. Put it back, trying to do the least noise. But no, I had done noise. The person next to me noticed it.

"Two jack daniels, please."  I heard  how he says to Lu. She turned and looked at him from under her brows She smiled at him, then looked at me. She nodded and started to pour whiskey into glasses. I opened my eyes wide. What the hell? I bit her lower lip slightly. I sighed softly and turned my head to the left. Curly-head was looking at me. He smiled.

"Okay, what do you want from me?" I asked bluntly. His smile widened.

"Nothing."  He said. I've already opened his mouth to say something, but exactly at the moment Lu has set  the glasses on the counter.

"Two daniels, please." she said smiling at Curly-head. After a moment, she glanced at me. She moved her lips, and her unspoken words arranged themselves in "Good stuff. Don't fuck it". I glanced at her. I heard the shuffling  from glass. Curly-head pulled the glass with whiskey in my direction. I smiled slightly in thanks. I picked up my glass towards my lips. I stopped in mid-motion. 

"I'm Rose." I introduced myself briefly and after that I took a big sip of my alcohol. Curly-head smiled in response.


Oh, Harry. Uhm .. interesting name. But for me, after all, he'll be 'Curly' or 'Curly-head'. Again I felt his eyes on me. I raised My eyes from the glass. Damn, haven't I seen him anywhere already? Secretly I looked at an old, dusty clock on the wall.  I was still amazed why it found itself here. Damn. It was later than I thought it would be. The clock showed, that it was half past six. I took a quick gulp of whiskey and drank it to the rest. I felt how the alcohol reaches my brain. I felt spinning in my head. I shook my head vigorously. I quickly reached into the pocket of my pants for the money.

"Hey, Lu!"  I said recalling her with gesture to me. She turned away from the client, and moved to my side. "Here, for my Daniels." I said giving her the cash. She smiled at me.

"For you always, love. You can come here whenever you want!" she reminded leaning over the counter and kissed me on the cheek. I stood back behind the counter and I tapped her forehead a few times. Crazy idiot. She smiled at me defiantly. Then I turned toward Curly.

"Here, for my Daniels." I said then pushing him few pounds in his hand. I know that I gave him too much money. But I haven't any small change. I smiled a little, then headed towards the hanger. I searched for my jacket. I found it under a pile of coats and other fur. I removed it from the rack and turned abruptly. I put the jacket on my arms, and quickly flipped the chimney through my head. I was about to go out, but suddenly I felt someone hand on my wrist. What the hell? I lifted my head confused. Oh, Curly.

"Can I go with you?" he asked. I looked at him, not knowing what to say. After a moment, I caught Lu's glance, from behind the counter. "Say yes, for fucks sake" she gastured with her raspberry-coloured lips. I looked at Curly and smiled in response.

"All right, but please hurry up." I said. With these words I turned with my back to Curly and went out of my favourite pub the Two Red Lions.


maybe tonight I'll call ya,

after my blood turns into alcohol,

no, I just wanna hold ya.

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