Niall Horan. The boy who stole my heart

You are the girlfriend of Niall Horan. He's been your boyfriend since he first auditioned for x factor. You've always supported him and now his desire is to marry you and have your children, but your un sure as he is just about to start his 2nd world wide tour. Will you trust in him? Could this tear you apart?


8. Will he make it?

Once you got into your room, the nurse came to examine you. 

"(Y/N) your baby is coming, now."the nurse said. "What. No. I am not pushing until Niall walks through that door."Just as you said that Niall walked through the door and ran up to you. "It's okay baby, i'm here, you can do this!" You turned and looked through the window to see all the boys and all their girlfriends stood watching. "Can we shut the blinds?" you asked "Yeah, of course" the nurse said shutting the blinds. "I need you to push on the count of three okay?" "1, 2, 3, push!" The nurse yelled. You screamed on the top of your voice. Niall had hold of your hands and kept encouraging you. "no, i cant do this" You said in a sigh. "One more!" The nurse shouted. You pushed as hard as you could! "It's a boy!" She said as she wrapped him up and past him into your arms. She then left you and told the boys outside. You and Niall we're crying. "What are we going to call him?" asked Niall. "I quite like James?"you replied "But your last name is James, James James doesnt sound right?" "Well he's a Horan isn't he? So James Horan and if you dont mind i'd like to put Harry in there, because without him he would of been born on our sofa" "Yes he is, and so are you" Niall said pulling out a ring..."Will you marry me (Y/N) James?" "oh my god Niall of course i will!" you answered whilst crying. He slipped the ring onto your finger and gave you the biggest kiss. "Right so his name is going to be James Harry Louis Zayn Horan? James for Liams middle name, Harry for Harry etc...?" "That sounds okay, but we'll just call him James" You said smiling. You handed James over to Niall who then got up and told everyone to come in. He said once they all sat down "Meet James Harry Louis Zayn Horan. Liam we didn't leave you out we decided on James as the first name because you always said you didn't like your first name" "Niall bro, i love you!" Liam said. All the boys were over the moon they had a part in his name. Niall went around introducing James to everyone "Meet Uncle Liam and Auntie Danielle, Uncle Harry and Auntie (Y/B/F/N), Uncle Zayn and Auntie Perrie, and Uncle Louis and Auntie Eleanor" James was pasted around every one of the boys and all the girls. Once you got him back visiting time was over. The nurse then came in and said you could go home. 


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