Niall Horan. The boy who stole my heart

You are the girlfriend of Niall Horan. He's been your boyfriend since he first auditioned for x factor. You've always supported him and now his desire is to marry you and have your children, but your un sure as he is just about to start his 2nd world wide tour. Will you trust in him? Could this tear you apart?


3. The argument

As you got to the end of the stair you saw Niall stood there

"What are you doing?" he asked

"I'm going to my Mums for abit. I can't be near you at the minute i have to think whats right for me and you"

"What right for me and you is to have this baby and be a happy couple together!"

"Do you realise the consequences of having a child? I'm not going to have a kid especially with your career!" 

"I'll quit one direction if it meant i could settle down and have a family with you"

"Dont be a twat Niall, What about your Directioners they be torn. I wont let you do that if you did that for me i'd never be able to live with myself. One direction mean the world to you"

You nudged him out the way and headed for the door. He ran in front of you and stood there blocking your way out. "I'm sorry, your not leaving. Knowing you you'll abort the baby. Its mine too and i should have a say." You just pushed him out the way and headed to your car. He screamed at you "If you go and get rid of it, it's over" that was it for you, you couldn't stop crying. You had to go cool down. He got loads of texts saying 'come back'  'i guess its over then'  'i'm sorry'  'its my baby too' 

You just ignored them and walked into your house.

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