Niall Horan. The boy who stole my heart

You are the girlfriend of Niall Horan. He's been your boyfriend since he first auditioned for x factor. You've always supported him and now his desire is to marry you and have your children, but your un sure as he is just about to start his 2nd world wide tour. Will you trust in him? Could this tear you apart?


4. Kiss and Make up

Your mum didn't know you was coming home so she just looked at you walked in. 

"Hey baby, why are you here?" you went to explain but just burst into tears. "Can i just go to my room my please, i need to think" 

a few hours past when you was in your room and you fell asleep. 

"She's in her room, you know which one right?" "Yeah, thanks Mrs (Y/M/L/N)*"

Niall was here. He didn't say a word. He came and got in bed at the side of you. You knew he was there and was awake but just pretended to be asleep. While you was pretending to be asleep you actually fell asleep for hours. 

When you woke up you rolled over, much to your surprise Niall was still there and wide awake staring at you. He just said "Hi princess, can we talk? please?" You just rolled back over and picked up some head phones, plugged them into your phone and turn on 'truly, madly, deeply by one direction' on. You handed a head phone to Niall so he could here what you was listening too. He started whispering his solo in your ear. You let out a sigh and turned to face him. You didn't say anything. He didn't say anything. He just grabbed your face and pulled it to him. You could feel the tears falling from his eyes landing on your forehead before he kissed your lips. You could taste the salt water from his tears too. He pulled away and just hugged you. "I thought i'd lost you. I don't ever want that thought again. I'll support you no matter choice you chose to do about the baby, but i really want this. More than anything. You grabbed his hand and put it on your belly and said in a slow calm voice "This is our baby. He/she isn't going anywhere." Niall just let out a sign of relief. "We better go tell your parents" 

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