Niall Horan. The boy who stole my heart

You are the girlfriend of Niall Horan. He's been your boyfriend since he first auditioned for x factor. You've always supported him and now his desire is to marry you and have your children, but your un sure as he is just about to start his 2nd world wide tour. Will you trust in him? Could this tear you apart?


2. First time lucky?

*3 weeks after you two 'did it' for the first time*

"When will we know?" Niall asked acting like a little kid after a toy they desperately want. 

"Well i'm due to start today so if it doesn't happen by Thursday i'll grab a few test's" you replied

"I'm going to get more paracetamol, we've ran out and i've got a banging head ache" Niall said as he put his clothes on. mhmm you just mumbled as you fell back to sleep.

Once he walked out the door you got up and went to the toilet to make sure you hadn't started...nothing yet. You went down stairs and curled up on the couch in a blanket and turned on the tv. You wasn't feeling so good. Niall came home and cuddled with you, you turned round to look at him and said "I could stay here all day like this with you" "yeaah, umm, Louis texted me, i have to go meet them for rehearsals for the tour." he grabbed the 'boots' bag and pulled out 6 pregnancy tests "I can't wait till Thursday, i want you to do these" You sighed and got up to make a cup of tea, he laid them down on the coffee table in front of the tv and walked out the door again. 

When you came back in you just sat their staring at them for a few minutes before you grabbed them and went into the downstairs bathroom. Once had done the test you left them a minute to 'make up their minds'. When you came back in you realised all of them were positive. Your heart skipped a beat you grabbed your phone starting to panic and rang Niall, he wasnt answering. You was really scared, your actually going to be parents all these thoughts rolled through your head 'I'm not ready' 'Are we even serious' 'we're just 19' you sent niall a text 'GET HOME, NOW.' 

You went back into the front room and started pacing up and down. Now you felt really sick, worried what your parents will say especially your dad. Niall walked through the door "Hey i got your text?" You jumped into his arms and started crying, happy tears and sad tears. He knew. He didn't say a word and walked into the bathroom. He saw all the tests. As he turned to you he said "I do have the luck of the Irish" with a massive grin on his face. 

"Ni, Your going on tour for 9 months. What if your in another country when i have it. What if something goes wrong and your not here. I don't want it." you said starting to cry

"No, your just panicking, honestly babe, it'll be fine. I'll be in the uk coming to the end of the tour anyway. On every break possible i'll have you fly over to us- "NO Ni, i can't fly if i'm pregnant" 

"NO, we've wanted a baby for ages, you cant give it up, please princess trust in me!" "You've wanted a baby for ages Niall not me" you yelled as you you stormed off upstairs into your room. You knew that you wouldn't get rid of the baby but you also knew you had to make sure Niall wouldn't leave you in a argument, although you was truly upset you was just testing him. You started to back a suit case.

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