Niall Horan. The boy who stole my heart

You are the girlfriend of Niall Horan. He's been your boyfriend since he first auditioned for x factor. You've always supported him and now his desire is to marry you and have your children, but your un sure as he is just about to start his 2nd world wide tour. Will you trust in him? Could this tear you apart?


7. 9 Months

9 months had slowly past but you was so excited you was seeing Niall again. You was really close to your due date and looked like you was gonna burst! Even Eleanor said you looked really big. 

You squashed behind the steering wheel and set off to Louis house, that was where you was all meeting, the boys and their girlfriends, Harry was now seeing your bestfriend, (Y/B/F/N)*. When you arrived Danielle told you the boys was stook in traffic on the motor way and would be about an hour. Just as she said that all the boys walked through door. El ran up to Lou, Dan ran up to Liam, Perrie ran up to Zayn and (Y/B/F/N) ran up to Harry but then you couldnt run cause it hurt your insides so Niall ran up to you and gave you the biggest hug and started kissing your face all over. "Ugh. Niall don't squeeze me i'll give birth"You said to him laughing. Eleanor started to cry, happy cries, because she missed Lou so much. Which made you start to cry but you was laughing as well saying "im such a idiot" Niall just laughed and hugged you. Then you left because Niall was tired and just wanted to go home.

Once you got home you snuggled up to him on the couch, then it got ruined by you having to race to the kitchen and be sick. "Why are you being sick? That should of gone? Are you okay?"Niall asking starting to panic "Ni, I'm fine, i ordered curry last night, must not of agreed with me, don't worry!" You answered cleaning up your face. "Ni,could you nip to the chemist and get me some pain killers, my prescriptions in my bag oh and some lucozade  from Tesco please" you asked Niall. "Sure princess, will you be okay?"Niall replied you nodded your head and sat un comfortably on the sofa. Once niall left there was a knock at the door. That can't be Niall you thought.

As you got up you got this horrible pain in your belly so bad you fell to the floor. You let out a little scream as more came. The door opened slowly, it was Harry, he came to drop off Niall's suit case. "(Y/N) are you alright?"he said panicked "No, Harry, It's coming, call Niall please" you answered whilst taking a deep breath through every word. "Niall, Yeah bro it's me, I'm at yours i came to drop your stuff off, yeah erm, she's gone into labour!.....What. Well hurry, i'm going to have to take her to hospital" Harry said whilst on the phone to Niall. "Where is he?" You asked. "He's erm, stuck in traffic, theres been an accident, he's doing his best"Harry answered. Harry put his arms under yours and lifted you up, he carried you to the back seat of the car where (Y/B/F/N) climbed into the back to support you. You couldn't stop screaming. It hurt so much. You pulled into the car park of the hospital and got carried into the building on a stretcher.

*(Y/B/F/N) means your best friends names, like Jenny or something. 

*(Y/N) means your name

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