The Way He Smiles ♥

When a new neighbour moves in, Kaleigh is quite curious of who it might be. They only come to the house about three or four times a year, and are very mysterious. Who could they be?


2. Made Me Fall ♥

My alarm clock went. It was like 4:50 in the morning, it never normally goes that early. Maybe this was a sign. A sign to maybe go outside and see if they were there. This could be my one chance to get to know them. I quickly threw on my dusty uggs and had a glimpse of excitement on my face for once. I'd been really deep and moody since my mum passed away. I ran downstairs, bumping my boots in a rythym. I slammed the door open letting the summer breeze throw itself into the house. It blew my scrawny blonde hair past my face just like in a movie. But it wasn't, it was real life. I tripped over my feet and came tumbling down with a thump on the grass. It was like they Made Me Fall. I only caught a glimpse of their faces. One of them had blonde, brown died hair with the most beautiful smile ever, and the other had curls, magical brown curls.

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