Just Another Face in the Crowd

John Smith is quite possibly the most average teenager on the face of the planet.

Until the night he renders the laws of physics obsolete and throws his city into chaos.


3. Three


John smiled all the way back home. He felt exhilarated. In what he considered to be a pretty boring life, Rachel was like a splash from a rainbow onto a dull grey canvas.

He walked home along a sidewalk by a quiet road running through a quiet neighborhood. The weather had begun to turn gloomy, so John picked up his pace. The breeze blew dead leaves off the street into the air. Ominous thunder rumbled overhead.

It had been raining a lot recently. There were still many puddles from the downpour that took place a day before.

Flashes of lightning illuminated the reflective surfaces of parked cars and street lamps along the roadside. A squirrel skittered over a trash can lid lying in a pool of stagnant rainwater. Several crows cawed in the air above him, seeking shelter from the coming storm.

John felt the first few drops of rain splash onto the back of his neck. He began jogging, hoping to get home before it really started to pour. He leapt over a pothole filled to the brim with water, and picked up speed.

Suddenly, a book fell out his backpack onto the road. John cursed beneath his breath and turned around to grab it.

He snatched it from the ground and knelt down to put it in his bag. He shoved the book back into his backpack and hurriedly zipped it up. John got up and was about to sling it over his back, before he spotted something.

He froze.

There were two men, dressed entirely in black, standing motionless not two meters behind him.

John did not make a sound. His eyes were wide.

Then, before he could react, the third man, one John did not notice sneaking up behind him, knocked him unconscious with the butt of a large black handgun.

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