Just Another Face in the Crowd

John Smith is quite possibly the most average teenager on the face of the planet.

Until the night he renders the laws of physics obsolete and throws his city into chaos.


4. Four


The next few hours were a blur for John.

He kept fading in and out of consciousness. It was like being in a dream.

It felt more like a nightmare to him.

Whenever he woke, all he could see was a blinding white light. He could not move; he was restrained by something or someone. He tried to scream, but it was like he was deaf. He could not hear anything.

Every time he woke, he would soon be face to face with a tall man dressed like a surgeon. The man would whisper soothing words that John could not hear, before piercing the skin of his wrist with a needle. He was soon sedated once again.

Once, he came to just as a massive metal sphere was lowered in front of his face, blocking out most of the light. It was like looking at a total solar eclipse up close.

That was when his hearing returned, and as soon as it did, he wished it had not. A sharp, metallic sound scraped his ear drums. He screamed, and thrashed around. Then, he felt the needle once more, and he was put back to sleep.

The last thing he heard before he slipped into the depths of unconsciousness was the sound of metal against metal; a screech that seemed to pierce his mind itself.

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