Just Another Face in the Crowd

John Smith is quite possibly the most average teenager on the face of the planet.

Until the night he renders the laws of physics obsolete and throws his city into chaos.


9. Epilogue


John floated unconscious in a glass tube filled with water, an oxygen mask clasped firmly to his face.

The tube was in the center of a sterile white laboratory, filled with instruments of all sorts.

Scientists in white lab coats walked around assessing data; all of it relating to John and the incident in the city.

A bald old man with a neatly trimmed grey beard approached John, along with his younger assistant; a Japanese man in his late twenties.

“It’s incredible, isn’t it, Yamasita?” asked the old man, stroking his beard.

“Indeed, sir. I would have never thought it possible.”

“We’ve managed to create the first living organism capable of interacting directly with Earth’s magnetosphere, let alone the laws of physics. This boy’s very existence could rewrite the theory of relativity.”

“Yes, sir. The neural amplifiers on his spine do work as planned.”

“One thing I don’t understand, Yamasita, is what caused him to go insane?”

“He is what we can effectively call a Quantum Child. He has interacted with an infinite amount of realities without him realizing it. One theory that Landon proposed refers to the multiverse theory; he believes an extradimensional creature invaded the subject’s mind.”

The older man raised an eyebrow. Yamasita Akai shrugged.

“It is, however, only a theory. Who knows what got into his head?”

“I understand,” said the aging Alexei Sarkov, “How was he selected for the experiment?”

“It was simple, sir. He was not very well known. Our Quantum Child was described by most of the residents in the town as being just another face in the crowd.”


Three days later, experiment designated Q3: Quantum Child, escaped from New Divisions Physics. Witnesses to the break out reported that the teenager who escaped appeared to float through the air, was of average height and build and had dull blue eyes.

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