one last night

4 kids get left home alone for a whole week and crazy things happen


1. day one

-It was a Monday night cavin destiny and Jeffrey were sleeping over haileys.  when they got to haileys cavin destiny and Jeffrey said hi hailey said hi back. then they went inside and haileys parents said we will be out of town fr a week so be good and they can stay here but if i come back and anything is broke your all in trouble i swear. so her parents left and they started he sleepover by playing a game and haileys house was haunted. so eventually they heard a weird noise from upstairs so they went up stairs and haileys dog ran at them and cavin jumped. then they all went back down stairs so when they got down stairs they watched a movie so then they heard the phone ring it was her mother she said her friend was gonna stop by and pick something up. so they started to watch the movie and the phone rang again hailey say yeah mom i understand   "Its not your mom its your nightmare" phone hangs up. hailey says did you guys hear that no why he said it was my worst nightmare they heard a knock then they went up stairs o answer the door they opend the door


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