Hide and Seek

I have been running away for a year now. I being hunted down by every secret spy organisations in the world, just because I know something they don't, they killed my family, most of my friends, just to get the information they desire. It's no dream being the youngest wanted person on the planet, not when you have to hid in plain sight 24/7. They have been close once, but I got away, of course, I always do.


1. It Will End.

It was a cold crisp Calais morning. It was about 6:00am, which meant there were hardly anybody outside. This was good because it meant I could spot my tails easily,  but it also meant they could spot me easily. I preferred crowds better myself because you could spot the tails as they would stand out, and they would not arrest me in crowds as there would be too many people there to witness it, they would ask too many questions.

I had already spotted the tails as opened the door and I walked out the small hotel, they were getting more obvious as they got more desperate. One was a policeman causally walking down the road, another was a postman riding his bike as he pretended to sort through the letters in his hands, the last was a women pretending to jog while pushing a buggy with a fake baby in. So predictable. 

I'm starting to get sick of all these tails. Why can't they leave me alone? Why can't they just let me be a normal eighteen year old? This has to end soon. It will end.

I didn't bother to lose the tails as I jumped into the freezing cold water. I just don't give a shit any more.

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