Mr Tomlinson

Short, thin and pretty, Arianna Kent was just only a young teenager, aged 15. But, no matter how hard she tried to ease it, she was constantly bullied. When a new literacy teacher, called Mr Tomlinson, is hired, Arianna is overwhelmed by his dashing looks. Mr Tomlinson soon fell in love with Arianna, but can he pull off a secret relationship?


1. Prolouge

"Good morning!" the new Literacy teacher greeted. "I'm Mr Tomlinson," he said with a cheeky smile. I smiled at his cheekiness, and his eyes scan his new class Year 10T. "I would like you all to introduce yourself to me. You all go on the computers at the back, then make a short powerpoint telling me your name, age and include a picture of yourself. Please!" Mr Tomlinson ordered us, and I obediently crept to the computer behind me. The other students ran wildly to the computers, screaming. I groan at the high pitched screams, rubbing my ear. It actually hurts. "Are you okay?" Mr Tomlinson asked me, and I nod. Whoah, his Yorkshire accent was gorgeous. No, no, no, I can't fancy a teacher. "You sure? They are pretty loud," he asks again. "Totally sure, my ears can manage," I reply nervously. He nods and beams, then he walked off to shush the other students. Oh boy, he was handsome when he smiled. I got to work, logging on to my account on the computer. 'Arianna.Kent' I typed, then I typed in my password 'Tumblrboys'. I simply adored Tumblr Boys, they're a band that formed last year. Mr Tomlinson actually reminds me of Troy Austin, a member in Tumblr Boys. I do my work, typing quickly. "Five minutes to finish your work. Five minutes!" Mr Tomlinson yelled, and I eventually finish my introduction in a minute. "Finished already?" Mr Tomlinson asked, peering at the computer screen. "Yeah," I mutter, looking at him and taking in every detail of his face. Brown hair in a sexy quiff (Hehe) turquoise eyes, beautiful cheekbones, a cute flirty smile. Wait, a flirty smile? I realised that he was smiling at my in a flirty way, and I blush lightly. I think I'm in love.... with my teacher? 

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