Mr Tomlinson

Short, thin and pretty, Arianna Kent was just only a young teenager, aged 15. But, no matter how hard she tried to ease it, she was constantly bullied. When a new literacy teacher, called Mr Tomlinson, is hired, Arianna is overwhelmed by his dashing looks. Mr Tomlinson soon fell in love with Arianna, but can he pull off a secret relationship?


2. Last First Kiss


"I'm Arianna Kent, and I'm 15," I spoke, a bit of terror in my voice. I was constantly bullied because I was intelligent, because I was thin, because I was pretty. They called me a nerd, they called me anorexic, they called me a slag. I hated life, and I have tried to attempt suicide. I cut myself, I hardly had any sleep. "Thank you Arianna," Mr Tomlinson said, grinning. He stood up from his chair and walked over to me. He patted my back to gesture for me to sit down. I smiled awkwardly and sat down at my table. "By the way, I'm Louis Tomlinson and I'm 20," he said just before the bell went for home time. I stood up but Mr Tomlinson told me to stay behind. I watch the other pupils leave, then I looked at Mr Tomlinson. He locked the classroom door, then he sat down on my table. "Well, Arianna, can I just say you're gorgeous?" he whispered seductively into my ear. I giggle nervously, then he pulled me up, making me stand up. He stood up too, and he looked into my eyes for a while. "I think I love you," he murmured, pushing a strand of my caramel coloured wavy hair behind my ear. I smiled, and blushed. "I think I love you too," I whisper back. "I guess it's love at first sight then," he says, chuckling nervously. He was more nervous than me, seeing that he was a teacher. He leaned in, and with our lips inches apart, he mumbled, "I truly mean it when I say I love you," and our lips crashed against each other's. His left hand remained behind my ear, controlling the kiss, while his right hand crept down to my hip, pulling our bodies together. My left hand rested on his cheek, my thumb rubbing his cheek. My right hand held his left shoulder. His kiss was different to other kisses I had at my old school, his kiss was passionate. I loved it, and I was desperate for more kisses. I pulled away, panting for air. "Wow, you are good!" Mr Tomlinson chuckled, his hands still in the same place. "Let me be your last first kiss," he said, chuckling. "Second kiss?" I ask, still stroking his cheek. He smirks, then leans in. I stand on my tip-toes, and kiss him once again. After a long kiss, he pulled away. We both took a deep breath, and our foreheads rested on one another. He stared deep into my aqua blue eyes, and he sighed happily. "You're gorgeous," he mumbled softly, smiling. I smile, "Thanks. You're cute," I reply, smiling softly. We spent five minutes just staring into each other's eyes, and smiling. He was so gentle with me. "Mrs Tomlinson, it's time to go home," he jokes, but he didn't let go. I didn't either. We wanted to be forever in embrace, forever warm in each others ams, forever feeling safe. "I don't want to go back to the Home," I whisper, squirming a bit. "Why not?" Mr Tomlinson asks. Boy, he sure does ask a lot of questions! "I hate it. Come and visit? I can't exactly explain what it's like. The other kids all go to a different schools, don't worry. I'll just say you're a old friend." I say, looking down at the floor. He nods, "Sure," he replies, and he hugs me. "Just watch out for my brother, Liam Payne, and my best friend, Johnny Taylor. They both are quite protective," I say, giggling a bit. "I would have expected Liam to be a Kent instead of a Payne," Mr Tomlinson mumbles. "Well, we both have different dads so, yeah," I explained. He nods understandably. I smile and kiss his cheek before picking up my Mr Bean themed school bag. He chuckles and he follows me out of the classroom, picking up his quite attractive satchel as he walked after me. We got in his car unnoticed, and I give him directions to the care home.    
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