The move

This is my diary about how I met my true love and how he came to me.


1. The New House

Dear diary, Last term was horrible mum told us we were moving house and that was my last day at St.Ives. I didn't even get a chance to say bye to my friends and teachers. At the moment I'm packing my things away. I asked mum why we were moving she totally ignored me!!! So when I did tell my friends they said 'why are you moving,' I had nothing to say ! I'm sick of mum keeping secrets from me... Talk of the devil she just walked in on me writing my diary and said I should be packing not sitting around drawing but I'm not. I wonder if she knows I have this? How would she know she hardly listens or cares but she's my mum and I Love her. Anyway back to this , I have nearly finished packing. All need to do now is put tape on the box's and my name I obviously going to use orange pen because that is my favourite colour. I'm going to miss this house I grew up her so did my little sister Brea and now we are just going to let all the memorise just fade. I don't even know what my new school is called! Fed up that's what I am fed UP!!!!! I just went down stairs and two moving vans are here, mum is going to and from the van over and over again with a lode of box's. so I've just came back up stairs to get my box's there the last ones then we're off. In the car now, just waved bye to the house. I don't know if this is the best thing to do just going but, we could get something good out of this. I asked mum again where we were going and why we were going and she was silent all the way; to this beautiful house it was bigger than our old house with gorgeous blue, yellow and pink flowers going up the side of the house. Mum told me to get out the car and open the massive steal gates as I did it made a big creak! We drove down the pebble path to the house.

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