Forbidden Love 101 With Mr Style


2. Chapter 2


~at school~

When we arrived at school our friend were standing at our lockers, "Hey Kenzie, Do! I've missed you guys!" Our other best friend Ella greeted us, Ella had blonde hair that went just passed her shoulders and blue eyes and she is about average height, "Hey Ella, how did you miss us when we saw you Saturday?" (Today is Monday) "look I just did ok?" "Whatever you say Ella" I turned around to see the rest of my friends there was Cleo, Tori, Lana and Katy. "Hey guys did you hear about the new science and math teacher? Apparently he is SMOKIN'!" Lana said "eww! how could you say that about a teacher?" Cleo asked "what I just like to state the obvious and say what everyone else is thinking" Lana replied "yeh, we noticed" Tori joked and then we all started laughing "yeh, I think his name is Mr Styles. Weird name right!" Katy answered and then the bell went signalling it was time to go to form, luckily we were all in the same form.

As we were walking to form I saw I really hot guy walk passed and smiled at me, he was dressed in white converses, dark skinny jeans, a white v-neck and a dark blue blazer, he had brown curly hair that was pushed to one side and his emerald green eye sparkled in the light and his smile was to DIE for! "WHOA! Did you see that hot guy walk passed? He must be a new student or something" I said to the girls "uh, Kenzie that was Mr Styles" Tori informed me "wow you weren't joking when you said SMOKIN' Lana!" I said, and the we arrived to form and got our timetable, I looked at my timetable and I had all my classes with Ella and Doris, could this year get any better? "Hey Kenzie! Mr Styles is our Maths and Science teacher!" Ella informed, I stand corrected this year is getting WAY better!


Wow that girl was beauti- WAIT HARRY! What are you thinking you can't say that about student! All I can hope is that she will be in some of my classes!
First I have a year 7 Maths class this was going to be fun! I stood at the front of the class and waited for everyone to walk in and sit at a desk, "right class! My name is Mr Styles and I must tell you I am not like all those old, grumpy, boring teachers! I will try and make maths fun but I'm sorry we will have to do boring stuff some times and trust me I hate it too but I will try to limit the amount of it we do!" I said. Surprisingly that lesson wheat really fast. Next I have a year 9 Science class then after recess I have a year 12 double Maths class. And at the end of the day I had a year 12 Science class.


I must say I was quite happy with my timetable this year:

P1: History with Mrs Smith
P2: Phys Ed with Mr Wholly
P3: Maths with Mr Styles
P4: Maths with Mr Styles
P5: Science with Mr Styles

P1: Music with Mrs Stolk
P2: Science with Mr Styles
P3: English with Miss Clark
P4: History with Mrs Smith
P5: Maths with Mr Styles

P1: Home Ec with Miss Lo
P2: Math with Mr Styles
P3: English with Miss Clark
P4: History with Mrs Smith
P5: Phys Ed with Wholly

P1: Science with Mr Styles
P2: Business Studies with Mr Potter
P3: Maths with Mr Styles
P4: Art with Mr Johnson
P5: English with Miss Clark

P1: English with Miss Clark
P2: English with Miss Clark
P3:History with Mrs Smith
P4: Science with Mr Styles
P5: Drama with Mr Thomson

I honestly reckon Monday is my new favourite day of the week, BRING ON DOUBLE MATHS! Doris, Ella and I walked down the hallway, turning heads like always, as we walked into our History class and were greeted by a few 'Hi's and 'hello's even one of the boys wolf whistled and our History teacher Mrs Smith shot him at glare. We sat down at our desks and period one and two went really quickly. At recess we just stood around and talked and then soon the bell rang for 3rd period, YES MATHS!

A/N: Hey! <3 sorry it took so long to update! I'll update again soon long weekend so yeh! And HAPPY ST DAVID'S DAY TO ALL THE WELSHIES OUT THERE!
-Cerys xxx
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