Forbidden Love 101 With Mr Style


1. Chapter 1

Forbidden Love 101 with Mr Styles

Chapter 1


*You know I'm not one to break promises, I don't want to hurt you but I need to breath, at the end of it all your still my best friend, but there's something inside that I need to release*

AARRGGG! First day back to school! I hate school, especially maths and science! But on the upside it's my final year and I have an wicked group of friends to see it through with, so I say BRING IT ON! I threw on some clothes trying to make myself a little presentable on the first day back and I mean come on being one of the most popular girls in school you have to look good. I ran into the bathroom to freshen up, do my make-up and to sort out my hair, I must say having butt long hair is quite an issue but I can't bring myself to cut it off so many people were jealous of it, I put my light brown hair in a side fishtail braid. I ran down stairs, grabbed my phone, keys and bag headed out the door (I don't eat breakfast because it's a waste of time and it makes me feel sick) into my hot pink Toyota Yaris and to go pick up my best friend Doris.

~at Doris's~

Doris and I have been best friend since year 6 when she moved to Australia from the Netherlands, she has shoulder length blonde hair and kinda like blue-gray eyes and she is actually quite tall but oddly VERY light! And we have a bit of a broma- wait, a sistermance? going on.
I got out of my car and walked to her front door and knocked it, I stood back and prepared myself because I knew what was coming, a few seconds later I heard someone running in the house... Oh no! Doris opened the door and screamed "KENZIE" and then she ran at me jumped up and wrapped her arms and her legs around me and planted a big sloppery kiss on my cheek "EW! DORIS THAT'S DISGUSTING!" I screamed, wiping my face with my hand "what do I disgust you now?" Doris asked, pretending to act sad whilst getting off me "oh I'm sorry Boo, I didn't mean it like that!" I said also pretending to be sad "aww it's alright BooBoo" she said engulfing me in a huge hug "as much as I love you hugs Doris we really should get to school" Doris let go and ran inside to get her bag and said bye to her parents and ran back out to me and grabbed my hand and we skipped to my car whilst swinging our arms, and then we drove to school. Oh how I love this girl!

(What Mackenzie was wearing:
What Doris was wearing:

Hey guys! How do you like chapter 1 huh? I know it is short, but come on its the first chapter let me off :) do me a favour and read some of dorisaur and some of ellalalaa's movellas please!
-Cerys xxx
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