When Raina falls to a death clouded with mystery and horror, one which not even The Elders can figure out, she is placed into Purgatory. As the mystery unveils, as well as the secrets of the place between Heaven and Hell, she learns that at every corner a sea of possibilities awaits. But will she be able to realise the correct ones, or will she stay in Purgatory for eternity?


19. 19

Kai and I both straightened up in recognition the moment the light faded, and revealed the mystery gap in the transportation system. It was a small, grey room. It was the neutral room we had arrived in when the spell had gone wrong. Of course, I knew now Kai had probably made up that name on the spot. But still. I nudged Kai gently whilst the Elders wandered around the room, inspecting it. "I guess your spell didn't go wrong when we first came here."
 "What do you mean?" he murmured.
 "It looks like that powder you used to take us here was a dub." 
He pressed his lips together. "Seems so." 
The Elders formed in a line again, and Alexander stood in front of them. In his hands he held replicas of the gauntlets he was wearing. "We are going to be investigating this place, once we have lifted the magic veil. Edward, if you please." 
Edward stepped forward, his chest puffed up from the pride of having centre stage. Grandly, he took out a bottle from the satchel strapped diagonally on his broad body. Unlike the bottles that Kai had tucked into their respective loops on his belt, this one was larger, made out of golden  stained glass instead of clear glass, and was  twisted into an exquisite shape so the neck of the bottle has ridges that blended into the shape of the bottle. Edward sprinkled a large amount of the yellow powder onto his hand, and just like Alexander had done, he threw the granules everywhere. 
The room shone with the most beautiful, radiant light. It's golden rays filled the room, and tore away the grey from the room. It also revealed the shapes of objects that were placed around it. They all looked like tables, with various things scattered onto them. Eventually, the light faded, and all of the room’s true colours could be seen. The walls were a dark shade of crimson, and the carpets were only slightly lighter. The tables, of which the were two of, were a rich mahogany. On the longest table there was what looked like a complicated chemistry set, and a blue paste in various dishes accompanied it. On the second table, which was crammed right in the corner, were stacks of papers and a quill with ink. However, none of the Elders were paying attention to this one. They were all facing the direction of the one with the blue pastes and chemistry set, completely stiff. 
After they'd got over what I presume was shock, Alexander started doling out the gauntlets. "Start investigating. Now." Once slipping the gauntlets onto their hands, one by one the Elders made their way towards the table. Just as Alexander reached Kai, he stiffened once more, and turned his head towards me. I shifted uncomfortably under his lethal gaze. I could feel his fury burning into me. "Edward. Please come over here." His voice was low, but it was laced with the upmost ferocity. 
"What is it...Oh." Edward folded his arms. "How the Hell did she tag along?" Once again, I was fairly mad I was being talked about in the third person, but I didn't call him up on this, as I didn't want to cause any more bother than I had done already. 
"You're asking me. You were supposed to keep an eye on the rest of the Elders whilst we made our way to the clearing," Alexander snarled.
"Do not blame me. I told Brian to look out for Harold. You know how easily distracted Harold is."
"Well YOU should have been watching out for BOTH of them." Alexander sighed, shook his head, and gestured to Brian to come over, as he was looking in our direction, which was most probably because he heard his name. 
He came over. "Yes?" 
"Apparently you were supposed to be looking out for Harold." 
I briefly glanced at Kai. This was like a teacher trying to find the cause of a prank, or something. It was a very petty topic to be arguing about, considering that they were supposed to be trying to find their fellow Elder and all. "I know right?" Kai muttered to me softly. I chortled under my breath at the fact he knew exactly what I was thinking. I suppose that's part of the deal of finding your kindred spirit, though. 
Harold has now come over, and the four remaining Elders were all in a heated argument. I think they were just looking for a distraction from the fact that the blue paste that was on the table would most probably lead to danger, and they were going to have to confront that. Harold turned towards Kai, and pointed an accusing finger at him. "It's his fault! He took advantage of the hullabaloo!" 
At the word 'hullabaloo', I burst into fits of laughter. It was the least most likely word for someone with such an eloquent vocabulary to say. Everyone in the room was now facing me. I awkwardly cleared my throat, and decided to take advantage of the spotlight being on me. "Maybe you should be investigating, instead of arguing over something as trivial as having me here. I'll be fine, don't worry." 
Harold, Brian and Edward sheepishly shuffled their feet, and made their way back to the table where the blue paste and chemistry set were. Alexander stayed by my side, though, and cocked his head towards me. "Quite right, Raina. Though I should apologise to you, seeing as I was the one who started the inquisition." For a moment, Alexander looked at me inquiringly. He then nodded, almost to himself, and wandered off back to the table where the other Elders were gathered.

My eyes wandered back to the table with the stacks of paper on it. Kai moved ever so slightly near me, enough so we were touching, but not enough for the Elders to be suspicious. Yes, Harold had caught us before, and was going to talk tons about it properly, but another distraction could not be put on the cards. "What are you looking at?" His tone of voice was filled with mischief, though I didn't really know what could have caused this.
Maybe it was the prospect that we were in a prime position to cause a subtle about of mayhem. But I was pretty certain he knew this was not the time nor place to do so. 
I gestured towards the little table. "Just that table over there." 
He gently took my wrist, and led me towards it. "Then let’s investigate, silly, instead of just staring at it."
 I lightly nudged him. "I'm not silly. I..." 
Kai pressed one of his fingers against my mouth. "Don't start a petty argument over something so trivial now."
 I rolled my eyes at his quoting of my words. "Alright, alright..." Just as I reached for the first piece of paper that came into my eyesight, my body was turned, and pressed against the wall. Kai's hands were cupping my waist, and his body was close to mine. Too close. Dangerously close. "Kai, it's bad enough that Harold knows about us." My hand reached to touch his face, but I withdrew it, all too aware of the possibilities of the consequences. Kai took it before I could drop it, though, and put it on his cheek. I sighed as I twisted a lock of his wavy auburn hair around my finger. "Oh, Kai. What are we going to do with you?" 
"Whatever you want." His breath was once more heating up my skin, and speeding up my heart. The moment Kai leaned his forehead against mine, a loud clearing of someone's throat rang out through the room. Kai and I parted bashfully, and looked up to see Harold glaring in our direction, and shaking his head. We ducked our heads in embarrassment, and turned our attention back to the papers. I unravelled the paper that I had originally intended to look at a few moments ago. 
Promptly after I'd skimmed the writing, I staggered over, in complete shock. Kai caught me just as I was about to hit the floor. "What is it?" he muttered, propping me back up. I handed him the paper, my hands shaking. I couldn't say a word. My mouth was dry. He held onto my one of my arms, keeping me steady, as he read the paper. His mouth dropped open in an almost comical manner. "What the Hell...?" His grip on me tightened, as he waved in the direction of the Elders. "Come over here. Please. It's urgent." I glanced at the two Elders who were approaching us, and frowned. There was only Alexander and Brian. 
My eyes darted to the table where the blue paste and chemistry set lay on. They weren't there. They weren't anywhere. Where had Harold and Edward gone?
"They've transported themselves to wherever the blue substance will take them."  Alexander must have noticed the inquisition in my eyes. 
"On their own?" I wrinkled my nose. "Wouldn't it be better to have everyone there with them, just in case of any dangers?" 
Alexander sighed. "That's what I said, but Edward was insistent, and Harold just went along with him..." He nodded towards the paper. "This is of importance, I gather?" 
Kai and I nodded. "Of extreme importance, at least to Raina's case." 
Alexander held out his hand. "May I?" Kai handed him the paper. 
Alexander's body stiffened as his eyes scanned down the page. They then flicked back up to us. "I presume you have not seen this completed before now?" 
"We were just about to complete it before all this with Chance came on." 
A wry smile played on Alexander's lips. "That's all well and good, but that is not the point." 
Brian tilted his chin forward. "If you haven't see Raina's official scroll completed before, that means someone's been taking them."  "This is the only one. Isn't it?"
 Although seemed as though Alexander was talking to Kai, I placed myself back into the conversation. "Well, this is the only piece of paper I picked up..." 
Kai immediately set to work thumbing through the papers. His lips were pressed in a thin line. "These ones are all completed too." He held up a bunch of blank papers, which had the dotted lines and labels on them, but didn't have any writing on them. "And I figure that someone's been replacing them with these, but just filling out everything except for the cause of death."
 I smiled at Kai. Although his thinking was basic, it was always very logical. "Why would someone do that, though?" I frowned. 
"More like how would someone do that," Alexander said. "There are only a few who have access to the death files." He spread out his palm, and counted the suspects on his fingers. "So that's The Lord, Saint Peter, Brian and I as well as the other Elders, and you, Guardian."
 Brian nodded. "Well, it can't be The Lord, as he is all pure. The same goes for Saint Peter, as although he spent time on Earth, all Saints are cleansed of the little non-purity they have in them before they are given their title. It can't be any of us Elders." Brian folded his arms, if a little smugly. "So that leaves you, Guardian. Care to explain yourself?" 
I glanced nervously at Kai. The real Guardian had disappeared, which could mean he was involved with the conspiracy. But the only way we could tell this to Alexander and Brian was giving up the act. Kai nodded, seemingly to understand my worry. "It wasn't me."
"Oh yes? I'm pretty sure all signs point to you." 
Kai took off his veil. "Well, I'm not Guardian so it can't be me." 
Alexander and Brian stared at Kai, their mouths wide open. Alexander cleared his throat. "Kai Millents, how on Earth..."
 "When I arrived to the gates, Guardian wasn't there. Only his garments were. So, I...Took his place." 
I expected Alexander to blow up at Kai. But instead, he made his way over to the blue paste and chemistry set table, sighing. He took the blue paste, and made his way back to us. "I do not have time to lecture you about this, Kai. We'll be having words about yet another thing later." Kai and I both awkwardly looked at the floor, realising Alexander knew about Harold catching us. "You two stay here whilst we go and try and find the real Guardian. It's best for two to stay on lookout." We both nodded. "No, I meant Kai and Brian." Alexander chortled softly. "Do you honestly think that I'm going to leave you two together in a room of such importance?" 
I pressed my lips together. "I don't need babysitting, Alexander." 
He laughed again. "I'm not taking you to such a potentially dangerous place just to keep an eye on you. I want to see what you can do." Before I could question this, he dabbed the paste onto my cheek. Instead of the room being filled with light, like the powders did, it filled with darkness. And instead of being swallowed by it, I felt my body go limp, and fall to the ground as my entire vision went pitch black.

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