When Raina falls to a death clouded with mystery and horror, one which not even The Elders can figure out, she is placed into Purgatory. As the mystery unveils, as well as the secrets of the place between Heaven and Hell, she learns that at every corner a sea of possibilities awaits. But will she be able to realise the correct ones, or will she stay in Purgatory for eternity?


18. 18

Kai sheepishly grinned at me. Kai. Sheepish. Kai. Full stop. "Hi. " I cleared my throat to respond, but nothing came out. My mouth dropped open again. I couldn't say anything. I was in complete and utter shock. After a few moments, Kai sat back on the bed. I still didn't say anything. "Shall I explain?" he asked. I merely nodded. "Right. Um, well, when I completed the trials, I didn't go to Heaven. Well, I did sort of. I arrived at the gates, but no one was there. There was just a pile of clothes." He gestured grandly to the garments he was wearing.
 "So you took them?" I summed up, my voice coming back.
 "Err, yeah, basically." 
I laughed. "Okay. Right. Carry on. What happened to the real Guardian?" 
Kai bit his lip. "I don't know. It's a bit odd that he left all of his clothes, though, isn't it, considering he's supposed to be pure and all."
 I raised my eyebrows as him. "Kai!" I exclaimed. 
I looked at him, and simply smiled as I passed my eyes over him. "It's good to have you back." 
He chuckled lightly. "That wasn't what you were going to say, was it?" 
"No. But it IS good to have you back, though." Kai smiled back at me, and hugged me gently. "I know what you meant." Our eyes locked as I tilted my head to face him. There was such much being passed through that gaze. Happiness. Gladness. Longing. Needing. Those being just a few. Kai rested his head lightly on my head, and tightened his grip onto my waist. He shifted slightly, so my torso was now pressing against his. My arms wrapped around his neck. "Kai…" I murmured into his chest. "I missed you so much." I lifted my head again. "And I know this is so sudden, and stupid, and..."
 "What is it?" 
I sighed, and just rested my head on his shoulder. "Oh, never mind." 
Kai frowned, and tucked a small, stray strand of my hair behind my ear. "Tell me."
 "Right." Kai's fingers loosened from around my waist. I instantly missed them. But they drew back onto my body, and mercilessly tickled me.
 "Stop it!" I laughed, doubling over. 
"Not until you tell me." He carried on tickling me. I did not relent. I only carried on laughing, occasionally squealing the odd 'Stop!'. After a few minutes, I was lying flat on the bed in a giggling heap, whilst Kai was towering over me. I suddenly realised what a compromising position we were both in. I felt my eyes widen. Kai seemed to realise as well, but instead of stiffening and leaning back, he leant forward, so his face was practically touching mine. His warm breath was brushing against my cheek...

No wonder I'd been reminded of it when Kai got close to me as Guardian. Because he WAS Guardian. "I should have realised you were him the moment I realised he was being nice. It's 
so obvious." 
Kai rolled onto his side, but still stayed close to me, entwining a strand of my hair around his finger. "Well, other than that, there was no reason why you would".
 I nodded, and shuffled closer to him. "I suppose so," I murmured. 
Kai lightly tickled under my chin. "What were you going to say, now?" 
I took a deep breath in, and looked straight into his eyes. "I...I..." I felt my cheeks go red. How do I phrase this...? I care about you? I need you? I...Love you?
"You do?" Kai whispered. 
Just as I started running my hands through Kai's soft hair on the top of his head, he gently pulled away from our kiss. My heart sank slightly in disappointment. "Did you hear that?" he muttered. 
"No, what?" 
"Never mind." I put my hand on the nape of his neck and leaned forward. Again, there was a clatter. We both sprang away from each other. "What's going on, I wonder?" Immediately, I hoisted myself off the bed, and made for the door. Before I turned the doorknob, I turned to Kai, and nodded to the veil that was now on the floor. "You'd better put that on." 
He chuckled. "No kidding." Moments later, he'd placed it on top of his head, and took my spare hand as I opened the door, and stared out into the corridor.

Alexander was running down it, his cloak flying out behind him majestically as he sprinted. He was practically a blur due to his spectacular speed. Edward was hot on his tail. Although he was also hazy, his broadness was taking away his agility, and the grandness of his display. Close behind them was Brian. He was exceedingly slow compared to the first two, but his nimbleness made up for this fact. Lastly, there was Harold, clearly lagging. Running was obviously not his forte. He noticed Kai and I observing the tirade. Siding to a halt, he stopped just outside the door. "Come on, Guardian!" Harold panted. 
Kai folded his arms "What exactly is going on?"
 "There's a gap in the sorcery transportation system." We both stared at him blankly. Harold sighed. "Well, basically, it means there is almost a 'glitch' room when doing magic. I am not quite sure how it has occurred, as Alexander was the one who discovered the flaw whilst trying to find Chance."
 Kai nodded knowledgeably , though I knew he had as much of a clue as I had about this; second to none. "So it's a problem. But why the hurry?"
 "Because..." Harold paused dramatically. "There is a possibility that that is where Chance is." 
I furrowed my brow. Just as I opened my mouth to point out a flaw in this theory, Kai got to it first. "But if Alexander discovered it, then surely he would have seen Chance?" 
Harold shook his head. "Not necessarily. There could be a mystic veil concealing what it truly looks like. It could be hiding anything, Chance or no Chance." Kai and I glanced at each other, both slightly stunned at the sudden chaos. "Grab your finest sword, Guardian, and follow, if you please. I'll wait here." I awkwardly realised I was not included in the recruiting. But Kai was, and he took my wrist, and tugged me so we were both behind the wall, away from Harold's eyesight, and right next to the chest of swords. Immediately he flipped open the latch. Once he did that, he merely gawped at all of the weapons. There were so many. This was exceedingly surprising, considering Heaven was supposed to be peaceful. But then again, I suppose a perfectly harmonious place cannot exist. There's too much hatred in people's hearts. 
Once getting over the shock, I expected Kai to be straight into picking the swords. But instead, he started shaking just a little. "Bloody Hell, Raina, I can't do this," he murmured. "I can't fight. Heck, I've never held a sword in my life." 
I smiled at him weakly. "What about that sword that you practically held to my throat when I first met you?" 
"First off, that was a dagger not a sword." A frown tugged at his lips. "And secondly, I didn't hold it to your throat. I was being cautious." He smiled a little. "To think I was cautious about meeting you. You're one of the most innocent people I've met." 
I stuck my tongue out at him. "I'm not that innocent." My fingers gently scraped the edge of the longest sword. I picked it up by the handle. "Maybe I shall prove that to you." 
Kai's mouth dropped open. "Raina, you are not thinking about...You're not..." 
"Why can't I? Why can't I fight?" I swiped the sword around the room smoothly. 
"This isn't a way to prove your innocence Raina. It's dangerous, and I'm not having you put yourself on the line just because you want to prove something to me." 
My eyes glazed over the blade. "It's not about proving something to you, Kai, not really." I quietly answered. "I WANT to fight." 
He sighed melodramatically. "Raina, do you know how stupid this is? I'm being practically forced into this. YOU are not. I don't want you getting hurt on my conscious." I simply looked at him. I wasn't going to back down. Kai clearly saw the defiance in my eyes. He sighed again, only this time it was in defeat, and took a step towards me.  Just as Kai brushed his hand against my cheek, someone cleared their throat. Harold. Oh no. We'd both forgotten he'd been standing in the doorway the entire time. Kai and I sprang apart sheepishly, and went back to looking at the weapons. 
Harold got out the largest sword in width, and placed it in Kai's belt hook. "Just what did you two think you were doing? You know lustful acts are frowned upon. Especially you, Guardian," he hissed, his voice steely. Neither of us replied. The sound of the other Elders running down the corridor faded. Harold huffed. "We will talk about this matter later. Now let’s go." All three of us exited Kai's room, which was technically Guardian’s room, and hurried down the corridor. Harold must have realised that I was in the troupe. "You shouldn't really be tagging along, but I think we are going to need all the help we can get, if there are demons."
 "Demons?!" Kai exclaimed. I had to take my hat off to Kai for his acting skills. He really was very good at it. 
"Aye, demons." Harold was slightly ahead of us now. 
Kai gently squeezed my hand, and tilted his head towards mine. I could feel his breath brushing my skin. I shivered. "Don't worry," he murmured. A few seconds later, we had arrived at the clearing, where the four Elders were standing. None of them acknowledged the fact I was there, let alone Kai. 
But Alexander was talking, so I didn't say a word. "Right. I accordingly declare you all have permission to be transported to an…"
 Edward briskly interrupted him. "We don't have time for this!" he barked. 
Alexander gingerly nodded. "You're right. Let us just do this immediately." He uncorked the bottle he had been holding in his hand. It reminded me of the ones Kai had, from the Guardian uniform, only this bottle was much more embellished. Alexander poured the indigo powder onto his palm. Instead of pinching a small amount like Kai and Guardian did, he raised his palm upwards, sending the granules flying into the air. They latched onto all of us, and created the familiar transportation glow. None of them were holding onto each other, so I assumed that this powder was stronger than the ones that Kai had. Even so, I took Kai's hand, and leant against him gently as we both were swallowed by the light.

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