When Raina falls to a death clouded with mystery and horror, one which not even The Elders can figure out, she is placed into Purgatory. As the mystery unveils, as well as the secrets of the place between Heaven and Hell, she learns that at every corner a sea of possibilities awaits. But will she be able to realise the correct ones, or will she stay in Purgatory for eternity?


15. 15

A knock came from the door. It's loud sound echoed through the room, and echoed through my and Guardian’s comfortable silence. Guardian took a deep breath, then got up off the bed, and made his way over to the oak door. He then gripped the golden doorknob, no doubt it was real, and twisted it, opening it. There a girl in a pure white dress stood. The dress similar to mine but more embellished. Her long curly blonde hair tumbled down her back, and framed her cherubic face. Although no wings were to be seen, I instantly recognised that she was an angel. I awkwardly shifted on the bed, feeling less and less inferior in her presence. In her delicate hands she held a box. It was more like a chest, actually, as it had a lock on it, and its edges were curved. Not to mention the fact it was decorated beautifully. I wondered why on Earth the box containing information about me had a lock on it. I mean, there shouldn't be anything overly sacred about me in there. I didn't have or hold anything special in my life, at least enough for it to be under lock and key.
"Guardian?" the angel smiled. The tone in her voice made me clench my jaw just a little. I wasn't particularly convinced by her sugar sweet act. 
It seemed Guardian was equally unimpressed. "Yes, thanks, goodbye," he said, taking the box from her, and moving to shut the door. 
The angel stuck her foot in the way of the gap before he could do so. "Don't I get a thank you?"
"I did say thank you," Guardian pointed out. "Now goodbye."
The door flung open, and the angel stood with her arms crossed, and her face was full of wrath. "What's up with YOUR attitude?" she snarled.
"I have important business to attend to. I do not have time to chinwag with a messenger." Once again, Guardian attempted to shut the door on her. But once again she put her foot in the way. 
She leaned in close to Guardian. "Don't think I don't know exactly what you're up to with that girl, Guardian. I suggest you keep in line." Her voice was brimming with menace.
This accusation made Guardian flare up. "I'm THE Guardian. I'm never going to commit a sin. Now I suggest YOU keep in line, and leave."  He shoved the door shut, pressing it onto the angels foot until she moved it, not even bothering being kind to her. Once she'd moved it, he slammed the door shut, and promptly locked it. Then, he breathed out wearily. "What an angel," I said dryly. Guardian chuckled at my quip, and perched himself back on the bed. "What's her problem?"
"Every angel has a fiery temper," he explained. Guardian pulled the lock on the box, and opened it. There wasn't anything interesting in there. Just paper. "Is this all the evidence there is?" I frowned.
"What else were you expecting?" Guardian laughed.
"My death is being treated like a crime investigation. Sooo...I think maybe some objects may help evidence wise?" I looked up at Guardian expectantly.
I half expected him to burst into laughter. However, he nodded thoughtfully in response. "Yes...But how would we collect it?"
I pondered for a few minutes, my brain trialling ideas that popped into my head. Eventually I thought of one, and could not find any faults with it whatsoever, even if I do say so myself. "If I go to sleep, and have a flashback, maybe I could try and collect objects, and put them in my pockets or something?" I realised I didn't have pockets on my dress after saying this. But Guardian enthusiastically nodded. "It's worth a try." He leant under his bed, and got out a bag with a lock on it. "You'd better put the objects in this. It's enchanted, so it should keep the objects from dissipating." Once he'd handed the bag to me, he reached for a golden potion that was on the vanity table right next to the bed. He also handed the potion to me. "And this will get you off to sleep." I took the cork out of it, and sniffed it warily. Its aroma alone made me feel sleepy. Guardian gently took my shoulders, and lay me down on the bed. He got off quickly. I raised the bottle to my lips, and took a few small sips. Immediately, my eyes shut. I could hear Guardian quietly singing a lullaby to the side of me, which made me smile. His voice was angelic. The potion and the song soon enough carried me away to sleep, and to another flashback.

It was back to the science room, except this time there didn't seem to be that many people in the class. Seemed as though I had arrived in the science class whilst everyone else was on the trip. The tension in my body from last time was not there, and instead of being hunched over, I was sitting up straight with my head up high, just a twinge of a smile playing on my lips. The rest of the remaining class were packing away their belongings, whilst I was finishing off a sentence. Typical me, I thought. Typical geeky me. Even though I was in my past self's body, I was finding it very hard to control my actions, which was going to be a struggle if I was to be collecting evidence. 
As a trial, I physically forced myself to grab my biro, and place it in my evidence bag, instead of my blazer where it was supposed to live. It felt as though a knife was cutting through my hand as I did so. Although the pain was severe, I managed to push through, and eventfully zipped the biro in. My heart surged for some reason, in happiness. I guess it was happy that I hadn't had to endure any nicknames, or anything else which was given to me negatively, that lesson. As I walked out of the door, there was almost a spring in my step, which was the most cliche thing to do when in a state of elate, but I was doing it. People were crushing against me the moment I stepped out into the corridor. The good old Friday crush. I never understood why people couldn't just walk normally, despite the fact the weekend had officially begun. I mean, crushing people weren't going to get them to the door quicker. In fact, it was probably going to hinder them.
But nevertheless, I wrestled through, and got out of the door. The moment I did, I took a deep breath, inhaling the fresh air. Well, marginally fresh. More fresh than the bio-scented science corridor. I hurried along the courtyard, pattered down the stairs, and went into the door leading to the area where my block of lockers stood. I crouched down, and got out my belongings, ready to be organised, and in my PE kit’s case washed, ready for Monday. 
Just as I shut my locker, a shadow loomed over me. Then another. Then another. For. Pete's. Sake. I knew immediately it was the blonde bimbos. They had clearly come back from the trip early, and were either standing by the lockers to get their stuff like I was doing, or standing by the lockers waiting the ridicule me. I suspected the latter. 
"Ah Raina, we missed you," The one wearing the most make up cackled, and turned to her troupe. "Didn't we, girls?" They all nodded in agreement. Sarcastic agreement, I might add. 
I decided to play them at their own game.
 I tried to stop my past self from doing this, as I had a bad feeling about what was going to happen next. "I missed you too," I smiled. I also winced inside of my head. The bimbos cackled even more. "She missed us!" one of them chuckled, clearly not getting the fact that I was also using sarcasm. I rolled my eyes, and headed towards the door to the main entrance. I took this opportunity to try and grab something from one of their pockets, in the hope that I'd strike lucky. So I brushed against one of them lightly, and nipped into the tallest ones blazer pocket. A cool object was now in my palm, and so was that searing pain. 
But I carried on casually nevertheless, and tucked my hand into my own pocket once I'd opened the entrance door. A gust of cold air hit my face, and some how reminded me to post the phone into the bag. I did so. I proceeded to walk across the path. Footsteps were close on my heels. Loud footsteps. Their footsteps. I quickened my pace, trying desperately to look normal, but knowing that I was running for my life. I hadn't stolen the phone in this moment when it originally happened, so why on Earth were they chasing me? A hand grabbed my wrist, and shoved me harshly against the brick wall we were conveniently, for them, near. All of the bimbos were standing in front of me, their arms crossed and their eyes looking at me with more hatred than I'd ever seen in my life. Including my after life. "I know why you skipped the trip today," the one with the most make-up hissed, her words echoing through my head. "Why did I?" I shakily answered, this being my past self saying this. 
"You wanted to get with Mark, didn't you?" 
Mark? "No," I whispered. I was physically shaking now.
Her hand pulled my hair, and banged my head against the wall. "Don't lie. I know you've been tutoring him, you slut."
By this point, tears were streaming down my face. "I don't...I haven't...I never..." My normal self was saddened at how vulnerable I currently was. In one swift move, I kicked the bimbo straight on the knee. She howled with the pain. I ran with the pain, which I got from pushing through what the dream was supposed to be doing. I ran, the wind right behind me. My eyes dropped to the ground, and widened as I realised it was white. Snow? I looked back up again. No, it wasn't. It was my dream dissipating again. My feet started to drown in the white. As did my legs. As did my waist. As did my arms. As did everything. Then it all went completely pitch black.

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