When Raina falls to a death clouded with mystery and horror, one which not even The Elders can figure out, she is placed into Purgatory. As the mystery unveils, as well as the secrets of the place between Heaven and Hell, she learns that at every corner a sea of possibilities awaits. But will she be able to realise the correct ones, or will she stay in Purgatory for eternity?


13. 13-The Elders

The moment Guardian and Raina exited The Elders' chamber, a collective sigh was released between Alexander, Edward and Harold. Whether it was from stress or relief was not apparent, until Harold asked his question. "I'm guessing you two also found that a bit odd." He leaned back in his chair, awaiting his replies. 
"Which part of it?" Edward growled. Alexander tensed up as the control of the conversation was passed to Edward. It was clear he was still not a fan of Edward, despite calling him up early to make up for his aggressive manner last meeting. 
"I personally found having both of those two sitting at our table peculiar," Alexander chipped in. Harold nodded, indicating that was his reason for unease. 
Edward tilted his chin "Well, you are the one who invited them to sit there." If it weren’t for his mask, Alexander was certain Edward have a smug look on his face, as he had crossed his arms in that manner.
"It was common courtesy, Edward. Not that you would know anything about that," Alexander replied curtly. The room was filled with tension as those words escaped out of his mouth. It was most uncomfortable. 
Harold sensed this, and clearing his throat, he placed his hands on the table firmly enough to grab Edward and Alexander's attention away from their feud. "Anyway, what's our plan now?" Neither Alexander nor Edward seemed to hear him. Behind their masks, they were glaring at each other. 
"Go and get the others," Alexander said, his voice completely full of the tension which was clouding the room. It was clear this was a ploy to get him out of the room, but Harold took the bait, not wanting to be in the cross fire of an argument between two very powerful, and therefore dangerous, souls, and the left the room hurriedly. He shut the door firmly, and set off down the corridor, and down into his mind. 
It certainly was odd having Raina in particular sitting at the table. She radiated braveness and courage, yet when looking into her blue eyes, it was like drowning in a pool of heartbroken tears. Her brown hair was a chestnut waterfall, yet in a state of disarray. It was odd because...It was like having Mary back again. She should have been sitting in Raina's seat. No. Mary should have been sitting in HIS seat. Harold sighed as he took a left turn, to the living quarters. Mary was just as smart as he was, if not more.
 They were both quick-witted youngsters when they were alive, especially Mary. She always had some sort of trick tucked into her sleeve. Yet it was HIM that The Lord chose to have his intelligence grown. It should have been her. It should have been Mary. Every market day, she'd pickpocket books, just so she could reason. It was the reason she was sent to Hell, but still, the burden of guilt Harold carried everyday, knowing Mary should be an Elder instead of him, was a painful fact to hold in his heart. It saddened him that every time he saw Raina, she reminded him of this ache.

It was tough, but so was life, and everything that came afterwards. Harold frowned as he tried to open the door he was standing in front of. Indeed, this was proving his point that everything was tough. Fair to, though, this door DID lead to Brian's room, which was always littered with one thing or another. So perhaps that theory wasn't particularly accurate. Nevertheless, Harold put all of his weight onto the door and it flung open. He stared awkwardly at the door, for it had flung off the hinge. His strength still surprised him, despite the fact it had been in his possession since he had first become an Elder. All of the Elders were strong, but it was only Edward who showed this in his physical appearance, as he had been as such is his mortal life. Brian was sitting on the ledge of the window seat that was the ledge of the beautiful rose window that was the centrepiece of the room, that made up for the fact the rest of his room was such a pigsty. When The Lord was in a pleasant mood, rays of light shone through it, transforming the room into an aquamarine paradise. It was like being underwater. Today, though, it was not a paradise. However, it was Brian's haven and Harold respected that. 
"Harold?" Brian mumbled, engrossed in his book that was clutched between his two gloved hands. 
"Hello." Harold perched himself onto the window seat, opposite where Brian was, curled up. "What are you reading there?"
Brian clearly was not happy about having someone disrupt his book bubble. "Shush," he hissed. 
Harold sighed, and wondered what to say next. He had to get Brian to go to the chamber, to discuss the latest lead on Raina's case. But he also felt bad about having to disrupt him. "We have to go to the Chamber. It's about Raina. But I'll give you a few minutes to finish that chapter, because I'm nice." He got up, and promptly stumbled over an object. He caught his balance just in time. "You should really tidy this room up, Brian. It'd look so much better if it was neat." Harold was envious of Brian's room, if he was being honest with himself. The rose window was simply beautiful, and it was the only Elder dormitory to have one. He was also slightly cross that Brian really didn't keep his room up to par with the window.
Brian barely glanced up from his book. "Why don't you do it, seeing as you're waiting?"
Always had an answer everything, Brian did. But Chance’s room was just across the corridor, so he couldn't really use the waiting time to fetch him. Harold started collecting all of the scattered objects that were surrounding him. Books. Pens. He gathered them all, and placed them carefully in the nearby drawer. He started to stack the books in alphabetical order of the authors surnames in the drawers. It was pretty basic to do. He didn't understand why Brian couldn't do it, or even be bothered to place the books in the drawer, at least, or even on top of it. Nevertheless, he finished stacking, on the W section, and started on the pens. 
They all were identical, platinum with a silver lid, most certainly the real thing, with a curly 'B' engraved on the end of them. Harold scowled at them, and wondered why on Earth he didn't have a set of his own luxurious writing equipment. He'd have a word with Alexander about it later. He flung them onto the surface of the drawers, and looked around at the remaining debris. More books. He attempted to cram the books into their respective places, but it was no good.   "You should get a bookshelf for all of these. You've got hundreds." Brian shrugged in response. Once again, Harold sighed.  "Why don't we get Guardian in here later to build one for you? His basic sorcery skills really need a brush up." He paused, smirking as he thought of what he was going to say next. "And so do your tidying skil...Ow, BRIAN!" Brian had thrown his book at Harold. The porcelain mask that covered Harold's face had chipped slightly. Although the chip was only small, it was enough to send both of them into a panic.
 "Oh no. I'm so sorry, Harold." Brian was frantically going through his pockets, looking for the mask healing remedy he usually kept handy. "Do you have yours?" Harold shook his head, remembering he had left all of his usual equipment in his own room, bar his sword. Alexander had come to his chamber at an ungodly hour because of Raina. 
Harold saddened a little, remembering Mary. "I'll go to Chance's. It's the nearest room from here, and I need to fetch him anyway."
"Do you want me to come with you?" Brian asked, concern ringing in his voice.
Harold shook his head. "No, no. You better report to immediately to Alexander." He let out a short laugh. "You don't want to get on his bad side today, trust me." 
Brian nodded curtly, and walked to the doorframe where the door had originally been. He then briskly walked down the corridor, his footsteps echoing.

Harold's ears pricked up as he heard a loud banging noise come from the direction of Chance's room. He also left Brian's room, and sprinted in the opposite direction to Brian, clutching the chip on his mask, fearing the worst for both himself and Chance. Harold thought the worst about most things, now Mary had gone. Harold soon reached Chance's oak door and flung it open.  The normally immaculate room, the complete opposite to Brian's, was completely disordered. "What's going on?" he barked, whipping his sword from his belt .  Clearly something, or someone, had caused this mess. Causing trouble. Whatever it was, it did not stand a chance again him. Harold waded his way briskly through the objects strewn on the floor. "Whoever you are, come out at once!" He sighed. His accent really was not helping with the ' Intimidating the Intruder' part. Even being around the formal toned Elders hadn't changed it. A croaky voice called wearily from one of the rooms. What it had said was inaudible. "Chance...?" There was no response. Harold sprinted towards where he thought he'd heard the voice. "Chance?!"
There was a sign on the door saying 'Do not enter'.  Despite the fact he was seen as weak to most of the other Elders, anything he did was usually taken as gospel, due to his high intelligence. However, Harold ignored this unspoken rule, and marched straight in, completely unprepared for the shock he was about to endure. 
He put two hands to his face, and gasped. Chance's garments were all scattered out of the floor, with no trace of him whatsoever  "Chance?" Harold's voice came out barely as a whisper. He could not say anymore. He was in too much astonishment.
 Frantically, Harold ran out of the room, and sprinted down the corridor, occasionally slipping on the carpet, not bothering to cup his measly little chip.  Harold skidded to a halt, and twisted the doorknob of the chamber the second he laid eyes on it. Alexander and Edward seemed to be in a heated argument. They were both out of their seats. Brian was standing in the corner, looking both tense and awkward.  Harold looked at them, completely hopeless. "Please come quickly. It's Chance." His voice broke in sorrow. Alexander and Edward looked up immediately. 
"What about Chance?" Edward asked irritably.
Harold exhaled, completely stricken in grief. "He's gone."

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