The One That's Right For Me (A One Direction Fanfiction)


2. Chapter Two.

The bell rings to leave school and I sigh in relief to finally get out of this place. I grab my books and shuffle out of the room careful not to run into anyone. 
I hurry through the crowd of pushing and cursing people and finally make my way to my locker. I put in the combination that I usually forget. I'm surprised I got it right this time.
I throw my books in and look for the things I need to go home. As I'm rumaging through the locker I feel as if I'm being watched.
"So you're a pretty big Belieber huh?" says a beautiful Irish voice out of the blue.
I jump at the unexpected question and turn around to see two blue eyes full of amusement and I immediately know it's Niall.
I laugh and nod my head. "Yeah, I am actually." I say.
"Yeah, I'm a pretty big fangirl myself." he pauses and gives me a funny look. "I've got posters and everything. 32 to be exact." he finishes trying to keep a serious face. 
I look at him and start bursting out laughing. " 32 Posters? Eh, you've got me beat." I say still laughing.
He laughs again. He's got a very cute laugh, it's adorable actually.
I turn and shut my locker and face him again. I'm surprised he's still there.
"So did you drive or do you ride the bus?" I ask trying to make conversation as we start walking towards the front entrance of the school.
He sighs. "Unfortunately yeah. I can't drive worth shit." He says laughing again. 
I laugh. It's surprising that someone of his age isn't driving yet. "I drive," I pause, "I couldn't stand to ride that stinky, nasty, full of jocks death trap. Noooo. God, no." I finish with a laugh.
He opens the front doors of the school and lets me walk through. Such a gentleman.
"I know what you mean. It sucks. So umm, about the project; what do you want to do for it?" he asks shyly looking at me.
I think for a minute and look at the time on my phone. I'm going to be late for my mixed martial arts lesson if I don't hurry.
"Ermm, well I've got to go. I'm going to be late for my MMA class if I don't hurry. Can I give you my number?" I ask trying to hurry.
"Sure." Niall jerks out his phone, and hands it too me.
I click the lock button and the password screen comes up. I flash the screen to him.
"Uhh." he pauses, ruffling the back of his gorgeous hair with his hand. "It's chickennugget. Don't ask long story." 
I give a little laugh and enter in his funny passcode.
I enter my name in his contacts. Melody Reed. I put in with a little music note beside of it. I thought it was ironic because of my first name.
"There." I smile handing the black iPhone back to him. 
"Thanks. Talk to you later?" he offers.
I nod.
"Later Niall." I reply.
"Great punch!" says my instructor from across the room after I jab my fist at my training opponent.
I continue to lash out at her. Throwing punches and kicking towards her as she gets weaker. 
I think that I have just about got this thing won when I take a blow to the knee, knocking me to the floor.
"Looks like the 'unbeatable' is about to be beaten." My opponent laughs.
Since I started MMA, I haven't lost a match. And I'm definitely not going to start now.
As she's sitting high on her horse and feeling confident that she is in control, I turn the tables. 
I take my leg and wrap it around her and force her to the ground. She lets out an 'oomf' as I stand up.
Before I can do anything, she is standing again.
Okay, enough playing around, this chick is starting to piss me off.
She is about to pounce again when I raise my foot up to meet the side of her head; knocking her completely out.
I let out a sigh of relief and wipe the sweat off of my forehead.
People rush to her to see if she's okay. She comes to in about a minute, looking dazed and confused.
She shakes her head around trying to recall what was going on. 
Soon it comes to her and she looks up at me with a death stare. The dazed girl stands up and wobbles a bit, but gets her footing again.
"You may be good now, but one day I will get you. And I will get you good. I swear to it." Says the clearly angered girl.
I raise my eyebrows and cross my arms. "Challenge accepted." I say proudly.
And with that, the people that were making sure she was okay tell her to calm down and take her to set her on a bench.

My instructor was leaning on the wall opposite to us and just enjoying this whole thing the entire time. I never really understood his teaching methods.
I'm curious as to what he thinks of what just happened, so I decide to approach him and see.
As I am walking up to him, I hold out my arms as it asking "what did you think" 
He then pushes himself off of the wall and walks towards me.
"You are my best student. Of course I'm proud of you Melody. You've definitely got all of the boys beat." He says, opening his arms in a hugging motion.
He's my instructor so I obey, going into his hug.
He snakes his arms around my waist, going straight to my butt.
I freeze, not knowing how to react. Teachers don't do this to their students.. Do they?
He rubs his hand up and down and sighs with pleasure.
I'm getting ready to say something, but I get cut off.
"With a little extra training," he pauses and squeezes my butt a little. "You will be ready for regionals. Of course you will have to put in some extra hours of training alone here with me, but I think you can do it." He finishes with another tight squeeze on my rear.
How do I respond to this? Do I tell him to get off and risk being kicked off of the team, or tell him I will do what it takes to get me into regionals. Because that's the only thing that I've been working towards since I started MMA. So I can't risk being kicked off now.
"Do you really think I am good enough to get to regionals?" I say with slight excitement, and back up to where his hands are at the top of my hips.
He smiles seductively. "Oh, I know you can. As he finishes his sentence he brings our hips together again and draws his attention to my bum again. His eyes are filled with pure seduction. Sure he is good looking for a 24 year old, but he is my teacher. I can't do this. I pull apart from his well fit body and he joins our hands together and looks me in the eyes. I can't take this anymore. Yes he is attractive, but I'm done. 
While stuck in his grasp, unable to move I hear my text tone go off. It's "As Long As You Love Me" by JB so I would know mine anywhere. 
"Mr. Bailey, as much as I would like to stay, I need to get home. I promised my mom I would be there when she gets to the house to help her with groceries. And I think that's her texting me now. She's probably pissed." I don't really know if that is my mom texting me, but whoever it is, I have to thank them later.
His eyes sadden and he almost looks like a lost puppy dog. He lets out a sigh. "Fine," he leans forward to my ear and puts his lips right against it. "But, you better watch your mouth or you'll get extra punishment in the private lesson to be arranged soon." He made sure to put a seductive emphasis on the words 'private' and 'punishment'.
I nod letting go of his hands and turn on my heel to leave. I can feel his eyes on me the entire time I am walking away from him. 
I go to to the bench that my phone sat at and look at who saved me from my teacher. "Hey Mel. Just wanted to text u & arrange something for the project. Text back when you can. -Nialler." I smile. Such a little thing has saved me from Mr. Bailey's grasp. My hero. I laugh at myself and reply. "Thanks for the text. U saved me big time. Haha. I'll explain later. Gotta run. I'll text you when I get to the house.(:" I lock my phone and head to the locker room.
I don't really feel like changing, sense my instructor Might come in. You never know about him. I grab my keys and clothes, shutting my locker. I can tell this is going to be a long ride home.

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