The One That's Right For Me (A One Direction Fanfiction)


3. Chapter Three.

"I'm home now. ^.^" I text Niall, flopping down on my bed. Ugh, today has been frustrating, but meeting Niall was pretty cool. He's really sweet, I think to myself not noticing for a minute that I have been smiling this entire time. My phone plays my text tone and I jump a little. I open the text. "It's good that you made it home okay. Now what was you talking about when you said that I saved you big time?" How do I explain this to him? I mean we just met, I shouldn't talk to him about something like this. "Now that I think about it, I really should keep this to myself.. We just met, I don't wanna burden you with this.." I reply. It's just weird, he shouldn't have to deal with this. No sooner than I text him back, he replies. "Okay I understand. Yeah we just met but know for futures sake that you can always trust me and if you need to talk I'm here." Wow, he's even nicer than I thought. I'm starting to like him more an more.. That's weird, I've never been attracted to someone that nice before. I've always gone for the ones that hurt me. Ugh, I'm stupid. "Thank you, Niall that means a lot, I'll keep that in mind." I should really change the subject.. "Oh and about the project, I could come up tomorrow if you'd like." It's odd talking to a guy that's not cursing and being rude. I actually like it.   "Sure. Youll prob drive tomorrow since u have a car. Do you think I could ride with u to my house? I really dont want to ride the bus./:" he replies. He's so polite. He should know that if I drive and I'm going to his house anyway that I would gladly drive him. I smile and start tapping on my screen. "Of course Nialler, don't worry about it. Haha, just meet me at my locker like you did today." It's weird calling him by the nickname he called himself earlier; but it's cute.   Ugh, I should probably get started on homework before I head to bed. But, I can't get anything done with the gorgeous distraction. As much as I don't want to, I have to end the conversation for now. "Hey, I better get started on homework and look up some nebula's and get ready for bed after I'm done. Talk to you tomorrow?" I set my phone down and grab my laptop from the nightstand. I hate getting on this thing, it's so slow. There's probably a virus on it, but I am definitely not computer savy. I know how to work a phone. But, that's about it. As I'm opening the Internet after a few minutes of waiting for the useless thing to come on I get a text. I feel over the bed to find my phone. I can never keep track of it, I'm always loosing it. The ring tone is still playing as I am moving the covers around, you can tell I'm really bad for loosing things when I can't find it even with the tone playing. Finally I find it, somehow wrapped up in the comforter. "Alright. Don't do too much research with out me. Talk tomorrow. Goodnight Melody" Niall replies sweetly. No one like him has ever made me smile like this. How is he so different? I give a small sigh in thought and reply. "Goodnight Niall."   --   It's off to school again. I think to myself as I pull out of the driveway. "Ugh, at least it's Friday." I say aloud not knowing I did so until a minute later. I hate when I think out loud. Not many people are out this morning. Lucky bastards probably stayed in bed.   My thoughts are interrupted by a guy in a van that has a band name on the side that I can't read he was driving so fast, who cuts me off. I saw a little of the boy's face when he came around the corner. I would have been slightly turned on if he didn't just piss me off. I lay on the horn and yell curse words that of course only I can hear. I can feel them cursing and laughing back, but it's still the morning and I couldn't care less. Unfortunately I follow this guy all the way to school. I go to my parking space, and it's just a good thing that he parks all the way on the other side of the lot or I would have went over there and cussed at him. Taking the keys out of the ignition, I try to compose myself.   I grab my phone, jacket and keys and step out of my 1970 blue barracuda, locking the doors. I throw my jacket over my shoulders and look back to take a glance at my gorgeous car. My dad was in love with muscle cars and that's what got me into loving them, before he started drinking and doing drugs that is. After he started doing drugs, he started selling them. Once people figured out that he had some they started breaking into our house and stealing the stuff; along with a bunch of other things. We never reported anything of happening because we didn't want my dad to get caught with drugs. After they started breaking in, he started getting abusive. He would beat my mother every night before we went to bed. He eventually started beating me, telling me I'm worthless. I've started cutting myself since then. I couldn't really help it, I don't know how it helped me feel better either.. but it did. One night when he came in to start beating on me I yelled at him. I told him that what he was doing was wrong, that God didn't like it, and that he was going to Hell. He didn't move. He didn't do anything, he just stood there. After about a minute or two of standing there motionless, he closed his eyes as if he was about to start crying, took a deep breath, and left my room. We haven't seen or heard from him since then. I think he knew that he was going to Hell, but hearing it out of his 12 year old daughters mouth only intensified it.   I shake the bad thoughts from my mind, not wanting to be in a bad mood today and walk up the steps of the school. Everything is the same old same old here. I walk through some gossiping girls talking about JB. That's all the girls talk about here. And I seriously can't blame them. After a minute of pushing through all of the teenagers I reach my locker. I sigh and put my hand on the lock to put in the combination. Right, the combination.. Umm, it's 13-32-4. I put it in and it doesn't open. I narrow my eyes with a scowl. 32-4-13? Doesn't work either. Ugh great. I'm about to try another combination when I get a tap on the shoulder. I turn around to see my Lenzie and Meghan. They smile and give me hugs. "Hey! You didn't text us yesterday. What happened?" says Meghan coming out of the hug. "Ermm, homework?" I say as more of a question with a shy smile. They raise their eyebrows and turn to each other with the same look on their faces and turn back to me. "Who is he?" Lenzie says with a huge smile. I immediately blush and try to avoid eye contact by turning around to my locker. My plan is defeated as I can't remember the combination. "Tell us, tell us!" Meghan says, grabbing my shoulder to turn my body and face them again. I inhale and exhale deeply and start my explanation. "His name is Niall." I pause at the two of my friends fangirling. They stop and gesture for me to continue. "I met him yesterday in science when I had to sit with him because you turds made me late. Mr. Chance ended up putting me and him together to do a project. I am going to his house after school to start on it. And he's going to be riding in the car with me because he doesn't want to ride the bus." I finish and wait for them to start fangirling again. My thoughts are confirmed as they start jumping up and down. "Oh my gosh! Melody! Don't get too hot in your precious car; wouldn't want to get anything on them gorgeous seats of yours." Lenzie finishes with a wink. My mouth drops and I punch her in the shoulder. She only laughs back. She knows that I'm in love with my car, that's the only reason she said that about the seats. "So far I've found out that he's really shy. You know me. I go for the bad boys, the ones that hurt me. But, Nialler is really cute, I have to give him that." I say as they both shake their heads in sync. "No, no, no. You need to stop that. You need to go for someone tat will actually treat you with respect. Someone that won't hurt you like that. We really need to fix that about you." she pauses, "And you already have a cutesy nickname for him? If that doesn't spell true love I don't know what does." she laughs and I give her a mean look. I know that I shouldn't go for the bad ones, but I always end up doing so. "I know, I know. Just let me try and work things out. See what happens. You never know." I say to my friends who don't even look like they are paying any attention now. They are looking past me like there is something interesting behind me. I hate it when they do this. "Guys, you know that my face is here, not back there right?" I say, drawing their attention back to me. Almost as soon as they look at me they look back to what they were looking at. I almost start to gripe at them when someone from behind me clears their throat. I jump a little. I didn't really expect anyone to be behind me, I just expected they zoned out or something. I turn around slowly because I am slightly irked at the two. But, my senses are filled with butterflies when I notice that it's Niall. He shyly smiles and says something. I notice that his lips move, but my brain doesn't comprehend what he says because I was staring at his face. I quickly mutter out a "huh?" as I lightly blush. He laughs. "I said; did you get any ideas on the project." he says sweetly. I sigh in thought and notice that I didn't actually do any research. "Erm, no. I wanted to wait until I was with you." I could feel Lenzie and Meghan sigh an 'aww' from behind me. His eyes lighten up and he smiles again. God, his smile is gorgeous. "Aww, you waited for me," he pauses. "We'll look up some stuff when we get to my house. So um, do you wanna get to class?" he says. Did we all seriously stand here through all of breakfast? That sucks. I never miss breakfast. "Sure." And with that we start walking towards the science room. For a second I turn my head to look at my friends and they give me a thumbs up and Meghan gestures for me to smack his rear. I just smile and hake my head and continue walking. There is more seats open in the room but today it's different. I actually want to sit with Niall. We walk to the back of the class and take our seats. Almost as soon as we take our seats the bell rings and Mr. Chance starts talking. "Okay, I assume that none of you went home and actually researched something for your projects. So open your texts and look through them for some ideas." He finishes and the whole class scrounges around for their textbooks. I start to get mine out but remember that I couldn't get my locker open so I don't have it. I look over at the gorgeous blonde boy beside me who already has his book out and is already flipping through pages, scanning for information. "Erm, I couldn't get my locker open, so I don't have my book." I say softly. He almost smiles. "Well I guess we will just have to share then won't we?" He says scooting his chair closer to mine and slides the book in front of us both. I put my hands on the corners of the book as he starts flipping through pages again. He stops for a second on each page to make sure I get to look at it. I don't think that either off us are really paying attention to what's on the pages. Neither of us can really focus because if how close we are sitting together. I can tell that he is getting at least a little bit nervous from the way he's acting. As he is flipping through the pages he stops as our hands accidentally touch. He freezes, I wasn't moving to begin with or I would have froze too. He glances at our hands, still touching and removes it, starting to flip the pages again like nothing happened. He's so cute. "That ones pretty." I say as he turns the page to a gorgeous nebula. He smiles and nods. "It is." Niall says softly. We look at each other and smile, but we are soon interrupted by the annoying sound of our teacher. "I've decided the project due date will be exactly two weeks away; on the 26th. There will be no late days that you can turn them in on. It's either the 26th or nothing. No excuses." He finishes sternly. He is always so strict. He is the strictest teacher in the school actually. "Guess we can't fool around then." Niall says half jokingly. I laugh. "Guess not." The rest of the period is filled with Niall making me laugh like crazy and almost getting us in trouble. Sadly the period had to end. -- The bell rings to go home and everyone hurries out the classroom door. I push my way out into the hallway, thinking that its pretty pathetic you have to push your way to get through the crowd. I finally reach my locker and start to put in the combo. I fail as I can't remember the combination again. I sigh at my stupidity and shake my head. As I do, I get a light tap on the shoulder. I turn on my heel to see Niall smiling back at me. "Locker trouble again?" He says laughing slightly. "Ugh yeah. I hate this stupid thing. One day I will remember the combination and the next day I will forget. It's infuriating sometimes." I finish with an Aggravated tone. He changed his face from playful to serious. "You could always use mine." He says. I laugh. "I would probably just forget the combination too." He laughs again and shakes his head. "So you wanna get to my house?" He asks politely. I most forgot about going to Niall's house. How could I forget something like that? "Sure thing." I smile and we start walking towards to entrance of the school.


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