The One That's Right For Me (A One Direction Fanfiction)


1. Chapter One.


*NOTE* The boys aren't famous in this fanfic..Yet. ;p Enjoy<3

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"Ugh, why can't guys in this school be sweet and good looking?" says my best friend Lenzie. She makes an annoying sound and looks around the cafeteria.

"We would never be that lucky, Lenz." replies my other friend Meghan, joining her in scanning the room.
"That would be great guys, but I just wish that we'd have more bad boys around here." I say with a sigh. See, I have a major thing for bad boys. I like a little edge every now and then. Sometimes that can get me in a bit of trouble, but I can't help what I like. 
They turn around and give me a look like, you're crazy and I stick my tongue out at them.
We all laugh and continue eating breakfast. Unlike most girls, we actually like to eat food. 
"So what guy do you have your eye on, Lenz?" Meghan says dodging people in the hallway.
She narrows her eyes in thought.
"Ermm, I don't know, a guy with curls would be nice." she says laughing.
As she looks over at us, she doesn't notice a boy with the most beautiful curly hair passing her. He accidentally bumps into her shoulder making her stop abruptly. 
Meghan and I both stop to see what is going on.
The boy stopped along with her and they are just standing there looking at each other.
He's quite attractive, stunning green eyes, gorgeous brown curly locks, and has an amazing cheeky charm to him.
"Umm, I'm really sorry for bumping into you, love" says the tall, nicely built boy, biting his lip as if checking her out.
Lenzie smiles and blushes. "I-It's fine don't worry about it."
She starts walking again and Meghan and I follow.
"OMG if you don't tap that I will!" I say laughing.
Lenzie makes an astonished face and hits me playfully in the arm making us all laugh even harder.
"Shut up! That was just a coincidence." She pauses. "Although he was completely gorgeous." she finishes blushing again.
We all giggle and continue walking down the hall to our classrooms.
The girls wouldn't stop talking to me, which makes me a little late for class. Great.
When I get to the door Mr. Chance is standing at the board writing something. Hopefully he won't notice me walk in and he hasn't taken roll yet.
I quickly look around the classroom for an available seat.
The only place to sit in the back next to a boy who I haven't seen before. That's surprising. I thought I knew everyone. 
I shrug and shuffle quickly to the back of the room.
The boy looks up when I get to the desk.
"Is this seat taken?" I say trying to be polite.
The beautiful blonde looks up to me and don't say a word. He sits there for a second in silence looking at me a bit weird, then shakes his head shyly.

I set my books on the desk and take my seat.
This boy is actually kinda pretty. He acts shy, so he probably isn't my type, but he is still good looking.
"Miss Reed. Nice of you to join us." says a powerful voice from the front of the room.
I murmur a curse word under my breath, knowing I've been caught.
"Sorry, Mr. Chance. It won't happen again." I say hopeful that he doesn't give me detention.
"Oh, I know it won't." he replies not turning around, his attention still on the board. 
The whole class turns and gives me a look like 'ohhh, burn.' I just give them a look in return mentally telling them to mind their own business.
The beautiful mystery boy beside of me starts to tap to a familiar sounding beat. As he keeps tapping, the song keeps getting more familiar my the second.
Then it hits me.
Beauty and a Beat by Justin Bieber.
A guy in my school actually likes Justin? What?
"Beauty and a Beat. Right?" I say kind of excited because of the Boy Belieber.
He immediately stops tapping the beat and freezes as if he has been caught doing something bad.
"Umm, yeah. N-not many guys like him. But, he's pretty cool." he stutters with an embarrassed look on his face.
"I love him! There's nothing to be embarrassed about. Don't worry." I smile.
He smiles and goes to say something but is cut off.
"Okay. Today I am going to be pairing you into groups of two to do a project." says the voice of my teacher. "You will have to do a project on a nebula in outer space. Now, we have been going over these type of things for over a week now, you should have a pretty good idea of what they are and stuff by now. You have to choose a nebula to do your project. Or you could compare two nebulas. Either will be fine."
Ugh. Great.
"The project will be due in about two weeks. I will have an exact date set by tomorrow. Now let's see who I can get paired up."
He looks around the room.
"Joan Barker and Raymond Trace. George Marley and Marie Thompson. Zayn Malik and Joe Higgs. Umm. Melody Reed, you can be with your new little friend here Niall Horan." he laughs and continues the list.
I look over at the gorgeous boy who is apparently Niall Horan. 
Well, he's a boy Belieber so this can't be that bad can it?

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