I Hate You, You Love Me 13+

Katie Moon. Your ordinary teenage girl. Well, a certain boy band thinks different. The famous One Direction kidnaps poor Katie. This is absolute hell for Katie. She hates them for all its worth, and kidnapping here doesn't help. At all. What happens when you put a famous boy band and a girl who hates their guts in the same house?


2. Chapter Two

I wake up in a strange room. Everything is white, and I mean everything. I am dressed in a short white dress. ''What am I some slut now?" I ask out loud, knowing they can hear me. One of them comes in. He has Black hair and brown eyes. ''This may hurt a little Katie.'' He says. He pulls out a syringe of something. I'm sure its gonna drug me. ''OH HELL NO!" I yell. I try to get of the bed but I'm tied down. ''Katie calm down.'' He pets me hair and plunges the stuff into my blood. I scream and a boy with blond hair and blue eyes runs in. ''Let me take it from here.'' He said in his thick Irish accent. The other boy left and he untied me. I couldn't move, whatever he gave me made my body feel like mush. He laid down beside me. ''Hi Katie, my names Niall.'' He coos. ''Ugh, are you for...wait did you say Niall?" I ask. He nods and I close my eyes. I knew who had taken me. I was pissed too. ''ARE YOU SERIOUS?" ''OUT OF 7 BILLION PEOPLE ON THIS STUPID PLANET I HAD TO BE THE ONE TO BE KIDNAPPED BY ONE DIRECTION?!" I scream. ''Sh, sh calm down sh.'' He coos again. He doesn't even flinch at my words. I start to cry. ''Whats wrong princess?" Niall asks. ''I wanna go home!" I cry. He turns me over and holds me tight. I don't know what it is about this boy, but I think I like it. NO! Stupid brain just stop. I don't like him, I never have I never will! I do my best to roll back over but he holds me tighter. I finally give in and fall asleep in some asshole kidnapper's arms.

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