I Hate You, You Love Me 13+

Katie Moon. Your ordinary teenage girl. Well, a certain boy band thinks different. The famous One Direction kidnaps poor Katie. This is absolute hell for Katie. She hates them for all its worth, and kidnapping here doesn't help. At all. What happens when you put a famous boy band and a girl who hates their guts in the same house?


3. Chapter Three

I wake up still in nialls arms. I am about to yell at him but them I stop. I can move, I'm untied and the door is unlocked. I slowly wriggle my way out of Niall's arm and run to the door. I get down the hall way and to the front door. I am about to run out when I here someone. ''Princess, where are you?" I hear Niall say. "Shit.'' I mutter under my breath. I sit on the couch at turn the t.v. on. ''In here.'' I call. He comes down the stairs and lays down taking me with him. His strong arms wrap around me. ''You know I could get in big trouble for you being out of your room.'' His sexy accent whispers in my ear. Ugh no! What the hell is wrong with me? ''Oh really.'' I say. I feel him nod and lean his head down on mine. ''Niall.'' I whisper. ''What princess?" He asks. I start to get kinda pissed off. I mean I'm NOT his princess. 

''Niall you need to stop calling me that NOW!" I say.


''NO BUTS! IM NOT YOUR PRINCESS I NEVER WILL BE I HATE YOUR ENTIRE STUPID BAND!" I scream. He looks at me with sadness in his gorgeous eyes. God damn it. ''I'm sorry Niall, I just really don't want to be here.'' I whisper running my hand trough his soft hair. ''You...you hate us?" He asks. ''No, I mean....well....you did kidnap me.'' I whisper. ''I..I.'' Tear start streaming down his . ''No, no Niall please don't cry.'' I say putting my hand on his face. ''No, you hate me I understand, I'll be back later.'' He gets up and walks out the door. ''No, NIALL!" I yell running after him. He turns around and I crash into him. We both fall and roll down a steep hill both laughing. We stop and Niall is on top of me. That should probably scare me and if it was anyone else, it would, but this is Niall. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss his soft, pink lips. Niall rolls over putting me one to. I giggle into the kiss. I pull away and lay my head on his chest. For a moment, everything was perfect. The only thing is, I'm still stuck here. 

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