I Hate You, You Love Me 13+

Katie Moon. Your ordinary teenage girl. Well, a certain boy band thinks different. The famous One Direction kidnaps poor Katie. This is absolute hell for Katie. She hates them for all its worth, and kidnapping here doesn't help. At all. What happens when you put a famous boy band and a girl who hates their guts in the same house?


4. Chapter Four

Me and Niall eat our breakfast and laugh as loud as we can. ''You know Niall, if I wasn't here under these circumstances we might actually be able to work.'' I say. He looks at me, turning serious. ''Katie I'm sorry but I can't let you leave, this wasn't our choice to make.'' He says. ''Oh right your just the most famous boy band in the entire world, sorry I forgot.'' I roll my eyes. ''You don't have to be such a bitch.'' He mutters. ''OH I'M THE BITCH?" ''IM NOT THE ONE WHO GETS TO HAVE EVERYTHING THEY WANT!" ''IM NOT THE ONE WHO KIDNAPS POOR GIRLS WHO DONT LIKE ME ANYWAY AND FORCE THEM TO STAY WITH ME, I DONT ACT LIKE I CARE TO MAKE THEM FALL IN LOVE WITH ME!" ''WELL GUESS WHAT NIALL, YOUR TRICK WON'T WORK!" I scream at him. ''I WASN'T PRETENDING TO LIKE YOU! I ACTUALLY DO!" He screams back. ''No Niall, you don't like me, no one has ever liked me, no one ever will like me.'' I whisper looking down. He sighs. ''Katie, you don't need anyone but me, I'll love you enough for everyone in the world.'' He whispers holding me in his arms. I shake my head and pull away I stare at my feet as I walk to my room and shut the door. This is what happens, I get to close to someone and they abandoned me, well not this time. I won't let it happen again, never again.

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