I Hate You, You Love Me 13+

Katie Moon. Your ordinary teenage girl. Well, a certain boy band thinks different. The famous One Direction kidnaps poor Katie. This is absolute hell for Katie. She hates them for all its worth, and kidnapping here doesn't help. At all. What happens when you put a famous boy band and a girl who hates their guts in the same house?


5. Chapter Five

I lay in my bed and sob Quietly into my pillow. I hear the door open and softly close back. I feel a sharp stab in my arm and my body has the mush feeling again. ''What are you trying to do turn me into a druggy?" I ask. I turn my face as see Niall, his eyes are  red and puffy. ''No.'' He mutters. He walks to the door and turns to me, waiting for me to tell him to lay down with me. I of course don't. He sighs and leaves with tears returning to his eyes. I've learned that if you don't want your heart to be broken, its best to push everyone away. Simple as that. 

I wake up the next morning feeling miserable. The door to my room opens and shuts. I feel someone sit on my bed. ''OK, you don't have to talk, just hear me out.'' Liam said. I uncover my head from the blankets and look at him. ''Niall really likes you, you should give him a chance he's a nice lad.'' He say. I roll my eyes and cover my head back. He sighs and takes my blanket away. I whine and grab for it. He throws it across the room and pulls me into his lap, holding me there. ''Please?" He asks like a three year old. I think for a second. ''OK, but only if you promise me something.'' I say. ''Whatever you want.'' He nods. ''You have to act like my older brother, your have to look out for me and care for me.'' I point a finger at him. He smiles and nods. ''Alright.'' He holds his hand out. ''OK.'' I shake his hand in mine.

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