friends or more?

This story is about Liam and Niall. But they're secrely in love with their best friend Taylor Logan Hanson. but not even each other know. What will happen?


2. ....HIM!....

I woke up in the boys house. i must have fallen asleep in the car ride home. of course. i feel someones arm around my waist. it was niall. how typical the boys always did this mainly niall and liam. but they say im just like their sister. i looked at the clock on the wall it was 5 am. what on earth am i doing up at 5 am! so i just fell back asleep. the boys woke me up at 8 am! and ya wanna know how? by beating me with pillows and yelling. 

"no, i dont want to!" i said 

"yes!!" i heard niall say from behind me.

"please just give me one more hour"

"fine" they all said rolling there eyes

"you know you love me" i said smiling

"yes" they all said giggling and nodding their heads

i fell back asleep. i woke up with the same thing happening. i checked the clock. 

"WHAT! ITS ONLY BEEN 5 MINUTES!" i said loudly

"what we wanted you up, its no fun with out you" harry said all whinny.

"aawwww" i said getting up, then i gave him a hug. he hugged me back, but picked me up walked me out in the back porch and through me in the pool.

"aahh" i screamed as he through me.

"real funny" i said to the boys who were dieing laughing. "now its my turn"

"wait, what" harry said

then i pushed him into the pool. then every one just jumped into the pool. but liam and niall took there shirts off before they did. typical boys. but i have to admitt liam has some nice abbs. i ran after them laughing then jumped in. man i love to swim. im on the swim team also.

*two hours later*

as we were playing around i heard my cell phone ring. i love my new phone! its an iphone 4s! i quickly got up and said "yes, finally" the back door was open so i heard it. i could see the boys looking at me in confusion



"who is she talking to" i asked

"i have no idea" niall said

we all got out and dried our selves off. she was smiling and twirling her hair. anger instanly hit me and the guys backed off i guess it showed on my face as well. people know when im mad i cant control it i've been working on it though. why are you angry? you might have asked. well when she is smiling and twirling her hair.. theres a guy. and as you know im in love with her. but i think to my self i cant have everything though. but im the only one who knows that about her of how she acts around guys and when shes all flirty flirt. 

"whats wrong?" zayn asked

"nothing " i snapped back at him quick. and i walked away out into the yard we had and just stood there trying to calm down.

"what was that all about?" i heard louis asked

" theres this guy and he wanted my number and P.S. he is really cute and he just called me!!!" she said excitedly "he wants to meet me in two hours! luckly i kept clothes and make up over here." 

i turned and she skipped away. oh i cant wait to see that boy. i thought and i had a mechivious smile on. 

"hey you dont need make up!" i heard niall hallar "your pretty as you are!"

"oh whatever!" she hollard back

the boys are walking twords me now. 

"you ok?" i heard niall ask

"oh yeah im going to show that boy a piece of my mind when he gets here! IF HE BREAKS HER I WILL BREAK HIM!!" i said loudly

"yup were on the same page with you" i heard harry say

"oh you have no idea what i will do to him" i said

"now dont murder him!!" i heard zayn say quickly

"i wont" i sighed

*two hours later*

when taylor came down she looked amazing. all we guys to do was stare. no words can describe it. she curled her ginger red/orangs hair, she had a dress on! you dont see that often. and she wore eyeshadow and mascara. she wore flats. she looked absolutly beautiful.

"how do i look?" she asked us

"AMAZING!!" we said in unison.she blushed. we heard the doorbell ring.

"he here" i whispered to the boys with a grin

"hold on one sec, now go get the door" she said to us

i answered the door. he looked halfway decent.

" chase... is taylor here?" he said

"yes" i said "but here is the thing,.. you hurt her and you will have to go through us" i said

"y-yes sir" he said

"oh and P.S. youll have to mainly go through me" i whisperd to him

he nodded his head.

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