Heart dart

It is about 2 friends and 1 boy but bella loves him and he loves her and abbie loves him though.

She gets jealous and starts a fight and makes them break up. The boy keeps asking the Bella out but she keeps saying no until Abbie starts saying no say yes im sorry and tries and gets them back together


3. Valentines Day

 Today is Valentines Day, Every couple gets something (Hug, Kiss, Flowers, Chocolates) from there bf/gf. Abbie gave Bella a box of chocolates that were Rosas.

"Hey Bella look what I got you," said Abbie

"Omg really chocolates you shouldn't of," said Bella

"No there for you," says Abbie happily.

"Ok and what did you do?" asks Bella mysteriously

"Nothing I promise," says Abbie evily.

"Ok and thanks," says Bella


On this day they met a girl named Gypsy. She had a bf named Davis he was not cute but nice. He gave her and anklet that ment 'LOVE' it was so sweet. Bella she didnt get anything until... she got a hug and then...


IT HAPPENED... the jealousy started Abbie ran away as quick as a cheetah crying her eyes out hating her life.

"Abbie whats the matter?" asked Bella

"Nothing just go away NOW!"

Abbie ran away screaming 'GET AWAY FROM ME I HATE MY LIFE'.



But it was too late Abbie had already ran away balling her eyes for no one to stop her.

*DING *DING there goes the bell everyone to class


"Abbie time for class," says the teacher.


Abbie walks back to class like nothing had happened and like she wasn't sad. Bella tried to talk to her but she kept ignoring her and walking away.



"Abbie STOP!" yelled Rosie and Becky.

"Oh sorry Rosie and Becky what do you guys want," replies Abbie

"Why are you ignoring me?" asked Bella sadly



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