Heart dart

It is about 2 friends and 1 boy but bella loves him and he loves her and abbie loves him though.

She gets jealous and starts a fight and makes them break up. The boy keeps asking the Bella out but she keeps saying no until Abbie starts saying no say yes im sorry and tries and gets them back together


2. Meeting New Friends

 The next morning, Abbie and Bella meet up with Rosie and Becky at macca's for breakfast. They all walk to school together talking about boys and gossip. We meet up with Aiden half way there and we quickly run past him to avoid arkwardness. When they reach school they all go to class and start work.


After School, We all walked home to Abbie's house. While we were walking home we pasted Rohan.

"Oh heyy Rosie, Becky, Abbie, Bella," yelled Dylan "Heyy! Wait up!".

The girls run quickly but Dylan catches up.

"Hey girls," says Dylan.

"Ughh..." says Bella.

"What?" asked Dylan.

"Nothing..." said Bella.


The girls run home to Abbie's (it was closer than mine and luckily she still has a pool for a hot day) and go into her room and turn on the aircon. The girls were chatting to Abbie to make her feel better from the thing with the going out thing with Bella and Aiden. The girls got in their swimmers and got in the pool.

At 5 the girls left because it was getting late and Bella had to go to dance. 

"See ya gals got to go home for dinner and then dance bye," said Bella.

"Bye Bella see ya tomorrow," said the other girls.




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