Heart dart

It is about 2 friends and 1 boy but bella loves him and he loves her and abbie loves him though.

She gets jealous and starts a fight and makes them break up. The boy keeps asking the Bella out but she keeps saying no until Abbie starts saying no say yes im sorry and tries and gets them back together


1. Friends and Boyfriends

 "Heyy Abbie!" yells Bella "wait up."

 "Hey Bella, look theres Aiden," said Abbie.

 "Shut up Abbie,"  giggles Bella.

 "Go talk to him," says Abbie.


Abbie and Bella go up to Aiden and say hi, he says hi back.

 "Hi", says Aiden "How are you?'

 "Good thank you," said Bella

 "Ummm will you go out with me?" asked Aiden

 "Umm Ok," says Bella


Abbie walks away sadly and disappointed because she likes Aiden too. Bella runs up to Abbie confused and wondering.

"Whats the matter," asked Bella

"Nothing," says Abbie "Just don't worry"

"TELL ME!" yells Bella

"FINE!" yells Abbie "My life sucks because the person i am crazy about is going out with you and you only like him!"

Abbie sits down crying next to Bella discussing her feelings and her life and thats she wants to die but she doesnt really want to.


The Next Day, a new girl came to school named Rosalie but she likes Rosie. Rosie was also in grade 8, she was in love too with a boy but his name is Dylan. He came from Grammar (same as Rosie) so she had already met him before. This was only the second day of being in Grade 8 because they both were away on the first day. Dylan was all cool when you met him, but when you started to know him he was a dick. Aiden and Rohan were origionally friends but when he started being a dick they were not friends anymore. At lunch we met a girl names Rebecca but she goes with Becky. She was not single though she was dating a boy named Tyla, she met him on a cruise.




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