Stray, mindless misconceptions


1. Never Shall I Forget


Never Shall I Forget            

Never shall I forget the words spat out of your tongue, the anger written out on your frown, the tone of your voice that pushed me away 

Never shall I forget the doors slamming and how you stormed me out, out into the world with no backs turning

Never shall I forget the loneliness eating me up from the inside, overcrowding up my pride, the tears that built up by the tons inside my heart

Never shall I forget those moments I was desperately lost, with no given direction to follow, just strolling down the pavement, but at what cost?

Never shall I forget that morning, that day, with a muddled head up in the air,

ambushed while my defense was low, kicked out of everything I never really had

Never shall I forget, not even if I was bribed, threatened or trepidated

Never shall I forget the words that stung my soul  

"I hate you"

Never shall I forget the hate you held for me and the hate I now hold back for you.

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