So Much More

"And you will always be perfect, you'll always be beautiful..."

She was too young to go. She was just a kid. And she was the best friend of a person who literally couldn't live without her.

Julianne Mitchell couldn't live without her best friend. So when she finds out that her death wasn't an accident, she travels to places that reminded her the most of her best friend, including the place that she died: In the mountains of Aspen.

And when she returned home to California, she knew what she had to do to see Amelia again.

Julianne finds remininsce of her best friend everywhere she travelled and found it easier for her to figure out what was going to do. But on the way, she discover things that were completely new to her and find that it may not be her time.

But will she ever forgive herself for what she did?


1. Prologue.



Since I was a little girl, I’ve always heard that things in life happened for a reason. There was a cause and effect to everything that we all do, no if, ands, or buts about it. And growing up, I tried to be careful with what I said and did to anyone and everyone around me. I was always cautious, never throwing myself to the wind, never breaking the code of living that I set for myself.


That was before met her.


She was the most beautiful person that I’ve ever met. She had flawless dirty blonde hair that was cropped at her small shoulders and happy, sparkling grey eyes. Her smile was always bright, even when she was missing her two front teeth in elementary school. She became my best friend the minute that we laid eyes on each other in kindergarten, sharing our cookies and playing with each other at recess from day one.


We grew up with each other, the long hot California days never holding us back. She loved the water. She loved to surf. But, she was more into snowboarding. When her parents would take her away from me for a month in summer to go to Aspen, we were never far from each other, always texting or video chatting. She would give me details of her day, telling me about all of the cute boys, and how she could out ski them all. And we would laugh.


When there was a guy at school that I liked, I would tell her everything about him. And when he rejected me, she would cry with me. We were just that close and it seemed that we would never be apart.


But, in our Junior year, things got a little rocky between the two of us. My home life wasn’t the best, my parents in the middle of a nasty custody battle with me and my brother. I had pushed her away, not even caring about her problems. From what I’ve heard, she had lost someone so dear to her, someone that she loved. And I wasn’t there to help her…


So, during that summer, on her trip to Aspen, I was shocked to find her name plastered all over the news.


“A young girl died today as witnesses say she sped through a dangerous ski slope on the uncharted territory of the mountains of Aspen. They say that she was unable to stop as she slammed head first into a tree.” I stared at the screen, my attention alert. “The young sixteen year old was pronounced dead at the scene…” And then there was her picture and her name.


And my heart fell into the pit of my stomach.


A sharp shriek echoed through the house. I could feel my body go numb as I cried, my mom trying to comfort me. But I pushed her away.


Just liked I pushed her away. She was my best friend. My sister. She was my Amelia. And I believe that her death was no accident.

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