So Much More

"And you will always be perfect, you'll always be beautiful..."

She was too young to go. She was just a kid. And she was the best friend of a person who literally couldn't live without her.

Julianne Mitchell couldn't live without her best friend. So when she finds out that her death wasn't an accident, she travels to places that reminded her the most of her best friend, including the place that she died: In the mountains of Aspen.

And when she returned home to California, she knew what she had to do to see Amelia again.

Julianne finds remininsce of her best friend everywhere she travelled and found it easier for her to figure out what was going to do. But on the way, she discover things that were completely new to her and find that it may not be her time.

But will she ever forgive herself for what she did?


3. Chapter 2.

Guys, I'm so sorry if this chapter isn't as good as the first. I couldn't think of anything else to write and I know it sucks. I tried to catch up on Shane Dawson to gain inspiration, but... Well... As you can see, it didn't work. xP

Anyways, I hope that you guys just stick with me as I go along. I'm not as good of a writer as I hope to be, but I'm trying and that's all that counts right?

I'm dedicating this whole story to my bestest friend, Allison. We've been best friends since the beginning of sixth grade and she's my personal Amelia. If I ever lost her, I wouldn't be able to live with myself and that's how best friends should feel.

I love you, chickie. This is for you!




Chapter Two.




Watching my mother get ready was a pain.




She scurried around her room, mumbling obscenities to herself as she pulled out clothes and threw them on a growing pile on her bed.




“Your father and I…” She began, frowning at another shirt before throwing it on the pile, “We are trying to work things out.




“Do I even get a say in this?” I asked, wrapping my arms around my legs. I was literally being pushed of the bed by my mother’s clothes. “Because I think that it’s a horrible idea,” I continued. My mother turned towards me, a scowl on her face. I glared back.




“Usually, normal kids would want their divorced parents to get back together.” She found a baby blue corset dress that flowed into a frilly skirt at the bottom. She smiled in satisfaction and ran to her bathroom.




“I’m not normal!” I shouted back at her. I heard her snicker from behind the door. I rolled my eyes. I played with the small piece of paper in my paper, biting my lip. I contemplated inviting Jayden over for a movie night, something we always did over the one month of summer that Amelia wasn’t around. Agree with myself that it was a good idea, I exited my mother’s room and ran to my room to grab my phone. I dialed the number and waited, kind of impatiently, for his voice.




After two rings, Jayden answered. “Hello?” He greeted, a smile in his voice. My heart clenched at the sound of his voice.




“Hey…” I trailed, at loss of what to say. “It’s Julianne.” I heard a soft chuckle on the other end of the phone.




“I figured. You were never good at talking on the phone,” Jayden teased. And, once again, he was right. We have had some pretty awkward times over the receiver when only him and Amelia would talk and I would try to busy myself.




“Shut up,” I mumbled, my cheeks getting warm. “I was just wondering if you wanted to come over for a few hours. For a movie night?”




“Is it a Lion King kind of night?” He breathed, laughing a little. Lion King was my go to move when I felt like crying. I’ve watched it over fifty times over the last five years and I was shocked that he remembered.




“Yes,” I pouted and whined, holding out the “y”. He sighed. I knew that he was smiling. I could hear it.




“Okay, if you insist,” he breathed. “I’ll be there in ten.” I heard shuffling as he moved out of his bed.




“I might let you in,” I told him, grinning. “See ya later, alligator!”




“After while crocodile!” He responding, hanging up. I couldn’t help but smile. My best friend was back.




And I was planning on taking full advantage of it.






The doorbell rung, scaring me as I straightened out the snacks on the table. I had our usual spread, a six pack of cream soda and a six pack of green apple soda, strawberries with melted chocolate on the side (my favorite), nachos with a whole jar of jalapeños on the side (Jayden’s favorite), and a ton of different flavors of gummy worms. Those were Amelia’s favorite. After her death, I couldn’t get enough of those things. I rushed to the door, looking back at the table as I opened the door. “I got all of your favorites,” I said, turning towards the door with a huge smile. But the man standing in front of me was not the person that I wanted to see. The green eyes staring back at me bugged at the sight in front of him. I knew that I looked different from the last time he’d seen me. I lost a few pounds, died my hair a deep red, and my skin tone grew a little darker. My father hadn’t seen me for two years. This had to be a shock to me.




“Julianne?” My dad almost whispered. I rolled my eyes at him.




“Mother! The Devil’s Spawn is here!” I shouted at the stairs. I heard her soft reply.




“Don’t be like that, Julie,” my father whined.




“Don’t call me that,” I grumbled, tugging unconsciously on my tank top.




“What happened to your hair?” My father grabbed at me hair and I ducked away from him. He sighed, a sad glint passing across his eyes. “You look…”




“Not like you?” I finished. When my hair was brown, I looked a lot like my father, dimples and all. When he left, I found myself wanting to change how I looked because every feature that I saw on me reminded me of him. He nodded. I saw movement behind him. Jayden appeared, slushies in his hands and a suspicious expression on his face. I took him by the wrist and pulled him in.




“Jayden?” My father dragged out. He gave him a wide eyes stare. “Well, son!” He stuck out his hand. “I haven’t seen you in years!” Jayden took it hesitantly.




“Mr. Neeson,” Jayden almost growled.




“Ah, Jayden!” My mom appeared down the stairs, a huge grin on her face. I have to say, she did look beautiful, and I felt myself become a little self-conscious at the sight of her. She hugged Jayden. “I had no idea that you were back! I haven’t talked to your mother.”




“I came by myself,” Jayden confirmed. “Our old house was still here, so I just bought it.” I stared at Jayden. He had money? Well, yeah, his parents were well off, but not too wealthy. How did he gain so much money?




“Well it’s nice to see Julianne has a friend.” My cheeks heated up with those words. Jayden looked back at me with a small frown. “Make yourself at home,” my mom offered after walking out of the door with my dad. I closed it shut behind them, the action a little forceful. I lead Jayden into the living room before giving him a lingering hug. His arms wrapped around my waist comfortingly and I took in his amazing scent.




“You got slushies?” I asked as I pulled away from him. He looked at the table, a small smile forming on his lips.




“I thought that we may have needed a little sugar, but I guess that you’ve got that covered?” I laughed.




“It’s our old favorites,” I told him. He nodded, stuffing nachos into his mouth.




“Pig,” I mumbled. I started the movie and plopped down on the couch. Jayden did the same, making me bounce up and slide into his side. I grunted, but kind of liked the way that he instantly warmed me. He wrapped a lazy arm around my shoulder. I sipped on my slushy, trying to keep the blush from forming on my cheeks.




“Why was your father standing outside of the house?” Jayden suddenly asked. I was shocked by his question. Did he not know? Well, it’s probably logical. He was gone for five years. I shrugged and sipped on my drink.




“He left my mom around the same time that Amelia died,” I answered nonchalantly, eating a strawberry. “They’re trying this whole reconciliation thing after he took all of our money and ran off. I personally think that my mother is very stupid.”




“I’m sorry, but I don’t think that I ever had fond feelings towards your dad. He’s always been kind of… weird.” Jayden made a twisted up face and his usually honey colored eyes hardened into a dark brown. I studied him curiously. More stubble seemed to cascade his cheeks than when I saw him hours ago. His jaw was clenching and his nose flared a little. I couldn’t help but smile. My old friend wanted to protect me.




“It’s okay.” I took a nacho from his lap. He popped my hand and I giggled. E were silent for a minute, watching the beginning credits of the movie.




Ten minutes in, I was on the couch bouncing around to my favorite song.




“I’m gonna be a mighty king, so enemies beware! Well, I’ve never seen a king of beast with quite so little hair. I’m gonna be the main event like no king was before. I’m brushing up, I’m looking down. I’m working on my RAWR!” I sang loudly. Jayden laughed, his eyes melting back into the honey color. He jumped up and started singing along with me. “Oh I JUST CAN’T WAIT TO BE KING!” He took my hands as it broke down. “Everybody look left!” We ran to the left of the couch. “Everybody look right!” We ran to the right of the couch. “Everywhere you look, I’m standing spotlight!” I sang alone, projected. “OH I JUST CAN’T WAIT TO BE KING!” We dropped back to the couch as the song ended, Jayden’s head ending up in my lap. We laughed for a small period of time before settling down and actually watching the movie. My heart started racing as I realized the position that Jayden and I were in. His head laid in my lap, my left hand draped over his chest and his right hand holding my left. He played absently with my fingers as he stared at the screen. My right hand instinctively reached for his dark hair. I pulled it from his forehead and I felt him shiver. Was it cold in here?




“Are you cold?” I asked him. He looked up at me with a small, lazy grin.




“Not at all,” he said, squeezing my hand. I swallowed hard. Then, his face turned curiously. “When your mom said that it was nice that you had a friend… What did she mean?” I felt interrogated under his cool stare.




“I-I don’t know,” I stuttered, obviously lying. His eyebrow shot up. I sighed. “I haven’t necessarily tried making new friends in the last two years.”




“That’s not healthy.”




“I didn’t find the need to be pitied,” I king of snapped. Jayden squeezed my hand again.




“Making new friends who knew what happened to Amelia would not have necessarily pitied you. I’m sure that you being you was just enough for someone to fall in love with you.”




“I haven’t really been myself lately,” I whispered sadly.




“I know that everything changed so quickly. First it was me leaving, then your dad dying. Then… Amelia. It’s hard and I get that. You knew Amelia so much more than I did. She was like the other half of you.”




“And when she died, that half died.” Jayden smiled sadly and then did something that I didn’t expect her to do. He kissed my hand, his lips soft and tender against my feverish skin. That small action sent a warm flood of pleasure through my body and my stomach did backflips.




“I wish that I could heal that piece of your heart, but I know that I can’t.” He whispered against my hand. His warm breathe made me shiver. “Maybe we can do something? Maybe help you find closure?” I shrugged and stared at the movie flashing on my screen. For the next few minutes, I couldn’t pay attention to the movie anymore. My skin stilled burned from Jayden’s kiss and my cheeks wouldn’t stop their flaming. I gulped down my slushy until an epic brain freeze commenced, and I played unconsciously with Jayden’s hair. After the movie, Jayden stood up and stretched.




“Well, I guess that I should get home.” He slurped the second can of his cream soda down. I grabbed for his hand and he looked at me strangely.




“Stay,” I half begged. I put as much pleading in my eyes as I could. “Please stay. I don’t want to be alone.” Before I could react, he pulled me into a bear hug.




“I’m not going anywhere.”

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